In the realm of Tears of the Kingdom, an innovative player crafts an awe-inspiring spectacle: a colossal fire-breathing dinosaur constructed from an unconventional array of parts. Unleashing their imagination, this inventive individual pushes the boundaries of creativity to create a unique and formidable creature. Immerse yourself in the wonder of Tears of the Kingdom as you witness this magnificent masterpiece come to life.

One highly productive The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player has recently put their creativity to the test by building a dinosaur that's not just surprisingly massive, but also capable of breathing fire. Their all-around impressive contraption is merely the latest in an endless stream of Tears of the Kingdom community creations that's still going strong even as the game is approaching its first anniversary.

There has been no shortage of players who have tried their hand at engineering various machines using Ultrahand since the latest mainline entry in The Legend of Zelda franchise hit the store shelves in mid-2023. But even that vast demographic doesn't have many people who have proven to be as prolific as Reddit user osh-kosh-ganach, the creator of an astonishing Tears of the Kingdom forklift launcher and dozens of other unique contraptions.

'Trogdor the Burninator' Is a One-of-a-Kind Tears of the Kingdom Mech

Their latest feat of creativity yielded a mechanical beast resembling something between a dragon and a dinosaur that breathes fire and is even equipped with wings, although not ones fit for flying. Dubbed "Trogdor the Burninator," the machine looks absolutely massive relative to most other Tears of the Kingdom contraptions, which tend to be much smaller because of the game's built-in Ultrahand limit restricting players to no more than 21 components per creation.

Although osh-kosh-ganach has obviously built their latest creation within the confines of that limitation, they managed to produce a much more imposing result than usual by sticking with some of the bulkiest objects in the game: mine carts and Zonai Wings. The latter appear to exist primarily to help this monstrosity stay on its two feet comprised of two Zonai Big Wheels each. Namely, the floaty nature of the wings ostensibly makes it easier to balance the mech, especially once they come in contact with the updraft created by burning grass with the Zonai Flame Emitter at the front.

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