“Discover a sneak peek of Diablo 4’s highly-anticipated Season 3 battle pass, showcasing an array of enticing content and unveiling the exclusive rewards awaiting players. Explore the thrilling offerings that have already become accessible to all gamers, raising the excitement levels for this extraordinary gaming experience.”

Diablo 4 has released a trailer highlighting the rewards available in the Season 3 battle pass. Previously, Diablo 4 players fought the vampiric master Zir of the Ancients, who tried to take over Sanctuary with an army of vampires. In Season 3, Sanctuary faces a new danger, and it's up to Diablo 4 players to fight it once again.

In Season of the Construct, Diablo 4 players meet Malphas, a demon who lives inside the ancient technology called Loom. Malphas has controlled one of the Constructs and twisted the Loom, creating an army to threaten the safety of the Sanctuary. Another Season 3 feature is the Seneschal Companion, a robot that will follow Diablo 4 players on their adventures. Along with the new Season 3 storyline, Diablo 4 has launched a new battle pass. In this system, players unlock rewards by getting Favor by completing in-game activities. With the start of the new season, Diablo 4 has highlighted some of the cosmetics that players can add to their collections.

Diablo 4 has released a new trailer highlighting the contents of the Season 3 battle pass. The Season of the Construct pass has 90 rewards tiers, with 62 paid tiers and 28 free tiers. To get the premium pass, Diablo 4 players need to spend 1,000 Platinum or approximately $10. Some of the rewards are Clockwork Equid Mount, Spheral Barding Mount Armor, Awoken Clockwork Equid Mount, and Awoken Spheral Barding Mount Armor. Other items included in the pass are the new Gimbal Admission and Runic Threshold portals, and the new armor set for all Diablo 4 classes called Awoken Adamant. In addition to cosmetics for characters and weapons, the Diablo 4 Season 3 premium battle pass has emotes, mount trophies, headstones, and 700 Platinum to spend in the game.

Players who want an enhanced experience can buy the accelerated version, which costs 2,800 Platinum or around $25. This version of the Diablo 4 premium battle pass immediately unlocks the first 20 tiers and gives the exclusive Spinning Loom emote. Diablo 4 players who don't buy the battle pass will still receive rewards from the free pass, unlocking a title, portal, mount trophy, five weapon transmogs, and five armor transmogs. The free version also gives 20x Smoldering Ashes, currency used to unlock and upgrade Diablo 4's Season Blessings.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Battle Pass

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