Embark Studios Responds to Fan Feedback, Promises Adjustments for Overpowered Ability in The Finals

Discover how Embark Studios, the renowned game developer, is addressing fan concerns regarding an excessively dominant ability in the widely anticipated game, The Finals. A developer from this talented team has confirmed that significant modifications are in the works to rectify this overpowering ability, following a wave of complaints from fans. Stay tuned for updates on the upcoming changes to ensure an immersive and balanced gaming experience in The Finals.

A developer from Embark Studios has confirmed that changes are coming to an overpowered ability from The Finals called Recon Senses. Despite many fans complaining that the ability is unbalanced and in desperate need of some sort of fix, the latest update to The Finals nerfed several weapons, but not Recon Senses.

This controversial ability is a specialization available for Medium builds that allows players to see opponents through structures, with its precision decreasing with distance. Despite Recon Senses being available for a limited time before cooldown, players have reported that it can be managed in a way that essentially grants a player constant access to the ability. The incredibly helpful nature of this specialization paired with near-constant usability makes it unreasonably difficult for other players to counter. Fans of The Finals claim that while players of other FPS games must cheat or utilize glitches to gain wallhacks, Embark Studios has simply offered overpowered wallhacks as a specialization.

Despite the latest update to The Finals lacking any fixes for Recon Senses, Embark’s Customer Support Lead Dusty Gustafsson has confirmed it will be addressed soon. The comment came while answering questions about Update 1.5.5 on the game’s Discord server, where, according to Dexerto, Gustafsson replied to a fan asking for Recon Senses to be removed by saying: “Changes coming next week’s update.” The type of changes is currently unknown, but Recon Senses players should prepare for the ability to be nerfed in some way.

While it is still to be seen how the ability will be addressed, fans have offered a plethora of ideas for fixing Recon Senses, including a longer cooldown that is less easy to manipulate or some sort of alert to other players. Some players mused about fixes similar to those used on Paik from Battlefield 2042, such as minimizing the range of the ability, notifying players when their location has been revealed, or utilizing a pulse over constant visibility. While some players want Recon Senses removed entirely, it appears that Embark Studios has several other viable options to handle the overpowered nature of the ability.

Despite controversies about other overpowered abilities in The Finals as well as cheaters and other issues, the game is finding its place in the FPS world. The game was considered one of 2023’s best competitive multiplayer titles, and with almost weekly updates and close attention to fan feedback, it seems that Embark Studios is prepared to stick with The Finals and further establish it in its genre full of competitors.

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