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“In light of the exciting release of the remastered Sonic x Shadow Generations, Sonic Superstars has introduced a complimentary costume that players can now sport as part of their gaming experience.”

In celebration of the recently revealed Sonic x Shadow Generations, a new costume based on Shadow the Hedgehog is being added to Sonic Superstars. Sonic Superstars launched last year, giving fans a new 2D adventure based on the 16-bit Sega Genesis games. Post-Superstars' release, Sega has been adding free DLC costumes for its playable characters, such as a holiday-themed Sonic costume. The next costume will be added later this month.

Sonic Superstars takes place exclusively in the past, indicated by the usage of the Classic Era designs of the playable characters. According to Sega, in order to keep the timeline consistent, elements of the games post-Sonic Adventure are barred from appearing in the game, like Shadow the Hedgehog, who was introduced in Sonic Adventure 2. Executive producer Takashi Iizuka even let fans know early on that Shadow wouldn't be included in Superstars as a playable character. While Shadow himself is excluded from Superstars, a costume based on the red-and-black hedgehog is being added to the game.

In a new statement from Sega (archived courtesy of Sonic Stadium), Sonic Superstars will be getting this Shadow the Hedgehog costume on February 15 as a free download and can only be worn by Sonic. This costume is being added in celebration of the recently revealed Sonic x Shadow Generations, which not only remasters the original Sonic Generations but includes a brand-new story campaign that is from Shadow's perspective. Sega hasn't provided any screenshots of the costume yet, but they will likely appear when the release date for the costume draws near.

When is the Shadow Costume Coming to Sonic Superstars?

Some fans were clued in very early on about this costume, due to a Sonic Superstars datamine that detailed this Shadow costume last December. Following this early discovery, fans speculated that Sonic would be wearing a hoodie or outfit that makes him look like Shadow, rather than changing Sonic's model to resemble Shadow. This possibility should be taken with a grain of salt until Sega reveals what the costume actually looks like.

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