NFG Score: 32
Categories: Add, My, Rating
Steam Score: 23
Platform: Nintendo Switch, PC
Publisher Names: Gearbox Publishing
Publish Date: 2023-11-08


Risk of Rain is Back!
"Carefully designed, beautifully remastered, and loaded with new ways to play—Risk of Rain is
back and better than ever! Dive into the iconic roguelike full of unique loot combinations, entirely
new Survivors, overhauled multiplayer, and more!"
Uncover New Ways to Play
Hone your skills and abilities, discover new Survivors, and dive into progressively stronger runs!
"Discover secrets of ancient design lying dormant beneath the surface of Petrichor V. Search
under every log, stone, and Gup to find new ways to play!"
15 Survivors to Master
"Many Survivors fled the mysterious attack on your ship. Slice, dice, and serve justice cold with
the return of Chef, hold the front line and shield your team as Enforcer, or lay down a path of
toxic sludge as everybody’s favorite purple monster: Acrid! Forge new paths to explore with 15
unique Survivors, each with new abilities to master."
Rule-Bending Artifacts
"Variety is the spice of destruction. Select up to 11 Artifacts that each mutate your run! Perhaps
you’d like to start with a random equipment item that changes every time it’s used, or maybe
you’d like to experience a rampant Imp invasion every 10 minutes. Play around with
combinations of Artifacts and discover exciting new ways to play."
Potent Pick-Ups

"Risk of Rain is better than ever with a host of new items to discover, equip, and combine.
Unlock new power combinations with the new Lunar items, or discover the hidden power of the
new Legendary items."

I recently had the chance to try out the newly-released Risk of Rain Returns. I was immediately
impressed by the vibrant visuals and the new ways to play. I was eager to dive into the roguelike
and explore all the new content.

I started the game as the Enforcer, a new Survivor with a shield that can absorb incoming damage.
I immediately noticed how the game had been changed to accommodate the new Survivors. I was
able to quickly get to grips with the Enforcer’s abilities and start exploring the world.

As I explored, I discovered a variety of new items and pick-ups that I could use to my advantage.
I was able to equip a variety of Artifacts that changed the rules of the game, such as a random
equipment item that changed every time I used it, or an Imp invasion every 10 minutes. I was
able to combine these Artifacts with the new Lunar items to create powerful combinations.

I was also able to find a variety of new Legendary items that I could use to further increase my
power. I was able to find powerful new weapons and armor that I could use to take on my

Overall, I was very impressed with Risk of Rain Returns. The game is full of exciting new
content, and I had a lot of fun exploring the world and discovering new ways to play. I highly
recommend it to anyone looking for a fun and challenging roguelike experience.

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