X-Men ’97 merch gives fans another glimpse into a low-key change from the original animated series that potentially involves the opening credits.


X-Men '97 merchandise reveals updated logos for iconic characters, hinting at the show's aesthetic changes.

The animated series will embrace the original show's '90s vibe but with visual updates to incorporate the new art direction.

Fans can look forward to potential MCU connections and plotlines beyond just the X-Men.

New X-Men '97 merch based on Marvel Studios' upcoming Disney Plus series has revealed some updates to the show’s iconic character aesthetic via the personal logos of the prominent team members.

Upon reacquiring the screen rights to the X-Men, Marvel Studios would take a bold and unexpected first step by shelving the live-action MCU debut of the super team in favor of resurrecting a fan-favorite animated X-Men show with potential MCU connections, christening the returning show X-Men '97 as an homage to its original run and cancelation. Fans have been eager for news and new details about the show ahead of its unspecified 2024 release, and one eagle-eyed admirer spotted such a thing in an unlikely place.

Taking to Reddit's r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers, user Spiderbyte posted an image of some merch for X-Men '97 with a caption proclaiming their discovery by stating, “Looks like they updated the logos for a few of the characters.” The image contains two different branded bag designs, a laptop sleeve, and a hard carry case, in addition to the small purse design that prominently shows off the sleek and modern solo logos for several characters, including Cyclops, Beast, Rogue, Gambit, and other prominent mutants. Despite the shiny new logos, many fans were more concerned with official news about the release date and more plot details for the show, which only has a vague promise of a 2024 release and a potentially important X-Men story hinted at by episode titles. Others also hilariously noted that merch for the show was not only available, but even discounted at the time of writing despite no exact release date for the actual series.

While the new iteration should embrace the original X-Men animated series' strengths, some changes were still bound to be made for the new show, especially to the animation and visual designs for characters and locales. Updated logos align with that idea, as subtle changes can go a long way to properly incorporate the graphics into the new show’s look and art direction. With no proper footage out yet, fans might want to brace for even more visual changes to the original look of the show, hopefully for the better. However, they can also rest easy knowing there has been enough merchandise, anecdotes, and sneak previews to confirm that the overall '90s aesthetic is still well in place.

While the upcoming animated series will surely be a big highlight for '90s kids and new fans alike, there is more to look forward to. There are many things the MCU can do with X-Men mutants, and several of those ideas and plotlines aren’t limited to just the X-Men. With Kamala Khan in a prominent role and Beast making a cameo appearance in The Marvels, there’s a solid plan in the works that fans will have to wait and see unfold.

X-Men '97 is expected to be released on Disney Plus in 2024.

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Source: Spiderbyte/Reddit

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