A new rumor speculates that Bethesda’s upcoming Indiana Jones game may be developed by more studios than only MachineGames.


Rumor suggests that multiple studios, including 343 Industries, id Software, and Tango Gameworks, are collaborating with MachineGames on the highly anticipated Indiana Jones game, potentially speeding up development.

Having multiple teams working on the game could lead to a more attractive 2024 for Xbox fans, as well as bring in diverse talent and expertise from studios like Tango Gameworks and id Software.

Last week, Lucasfilm registered domains hinting at the title "Indiana Jones and the Great Circle," and fans hope to learn more about the game's official name and gameplay details at Xbox Developer Direct.

A recent rumor suggests that Bethesda’s upcoming Indiana Jones game is not only being developed by MachineGames but also by 343 Industries, id Software, and Tango Gameworks. Indiana Jones is one of the most eagerly awaited 2024 Xbox console exclusives, and having multiple studios working on it could potentially speed up development.

Bethesda first announced an Indiana Jones game with an original story back in 2021. Since then, the title became an Xbox and PC exclusive after Microsoft acquired Bethesda, and it’s set to release sometime during 2024. The game will be featured in the upcoming Xbox Developer Direct, which will happen on January 18, but information about the title is very scarce so far.

The rumor was originally shared by the co-host of the Xbox Infinite Podcast, Middleagegameguy. According to him, other studios owned by Microsoft, such as 343 Industries, id Software, and Tango Gameworks, are working on the upcoming Indiana Jones together with MachineGames.

Rumored Other Developers Working on Indiana Jones Game

343 Industries

id Software

Tango Gameworks

While fans should take this information with a grain of salt, it makes sense if it’s true. Indiana Jones is an important franchise with many fans, and having multiple teams could greatly speed up the development and make 2024 a more attractive year for the Xbox fanbase. Also, the practice is not unheard of, as other major companies such as Nintendo have used the work of multiple studios before in huge titles like Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Another advantage of having multiple teams is the talent involved in the game’s creation. MachineGames is a good pick for Indiana Jones, as the studio is well-known for its work with the Wolfenstein franchise and understands action games very well. However, Tango Gameworks created the critically acclaimed Hi-Fi Rush, and id Software has worked on the latest Doom games, for example, so they could be important additions to bring even more experienced devs to the project.

This is not the only recent rumor regarding the upcoming Indiana Jones game, though. Last week, a fan discovered that Lucasfilm registered several domains centered around the name Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, which will possibly be the title of the game. In any case, more information about the project will be unveiled at Xbox Developer Direct later this week. Hopefully, the event will reveal the official name of the game, as well as more details about its gameplay, such as whether it’ll be a third or first-person experience, or if it will have multiplayer.

Bethesda is an American game development studio based in Maryland. They’re best known for the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series. ZeniMax Media, Bethesda’s parent company, was acquired by Microsoft in 2021, which then made it a part of Xbox Game Studios.

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