One player of Palworld proposes an ingenious base storage solution that enhances inventory management and reduces its complexities. Find out how this idea can revolutionize the game and improve your gaming experience.

A Palworld player has shared an idea for better inventory management in bases, and it's a suggestion that seems really simple in concept and execution. While player-created bases in Palworld are getting super impressive the more fans let their imaginations run wild, storage for items and resources is still an issue.

Palworld has taken gaming by storm, with its mix of the survival sim and Pokemon-like creature collecting genres proving both successful and controversial. The game has already amassed 19 million players in its first two weeks in early access, setting a few new records. The survival sim elements require players to build bases in the game world, in which they can set the Pals they've caught to work collecting resources and crafting items. All that gathering, however, requires a lot of storage space per base, which in turn necessitates the constant building of chests and containers.

Redditor silver-potato-kebab posted their idea for better storage across all of a player's bases in Palworld. They suggested that the Large Storage Container, with 40 item slots, should serve as a unified global inventory for bases, sharing the item slots it generates among them. If developer Pocketpair would accept this suggestion, it would eliminate the need to keep building chests in every camp.

This Palworld Fan Has A Great Suggestion For Base Storage

Another suggestion a fellow player on Reddit had, which many others agreed with, was the ability to assign Pals to an automated supply line across bases, connecting containers in different areas. Pals can already take gathered resources to a storage box in a base, so applying this fix seems like it wouldn't be unimaginable. Fortunately, Palworld is still in Early Access, so there's a lot of time to implement some crowd-pleasing changes.

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