Title: Indie Studio Announces Removal of Adorable Cozy Game from Apple Arcade, Sparking Community Confusion

Description: Witness the latest announcement from an indie studio, as they reveal the removal of an endearing cozy game from Apple Arcade, leaving the community baffled and uncertain. Stay informed with the latest updates on this surprising development.

Cozy Grove will be leaving Apple Arcade before the end of February, so players will have to start making arrangements to transfer their save files. The cozy game genre has always been quite popular, and it only grew with the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. When Cozy Grove, a cozy indie game, was released back in the Spring 2021, it got the attention of many gamers who were looking for the next cozy game that they could sink hundreds of hours into.

Spry Fox has worked hard on Cozy Grove and released several quality-of-life updates as well as the New Neighbears DLC. These efforts paid off, and the studio caught the attention of Netflix; this led to Spry Fox joining Netflix as its sixth in-house game studio. This acquisition opened up endless possibilities for the game's sequel. Even though fans were undoubtedly excited about the future, many were worried about Cozy Grove 2 being a Netflix gaming exclusive.

When Netflix bought Spry Fox, the indie developer immediately clarified that players wouldn't lose access to the game on their preferred platforms. However, this will no longer be the case. Cozy Grove originally launched on Apple Arcade, and then it came to other popular platforms, such as Steam and Switch. Many gamers who wanted to play on day one acquired it through Apple, and unfortunately, it seems they will have to switch platforms if they want to keep playing. A member of the Spry Fox team announced on Reddit that Apple informed them that Cozy Grove will be removed from Apple Arcade on February 29, 2024.

When Is Cozy Grove Leaving Apple Arcade?

Since many fans suspect that Cozy Grove 2 will only be available as a Netflix game, the community immediately started speculating that this could be related to Netflix's acquisition of Spry Fox. Despite these rumors, Spry Fox emphasized that Apple did not provide a concrete reason to justify its decision.

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