Attention Game Pass subscribers! We regret to inform you that, starting from February 15th, two exciting games will be bidding farewell to the Game Pass lineup. Stay updated to ensure you don’t miss out on these titles before time runs out.

Galactic Civilizations 3 and OPUS: Echo of Starsong are set to leave Xbox Game Pass soon, presumably on February 15. It's true that more games are added to Xbox Game Pass than are removed in any given month, but it's still always disappointing whenever titles leave the service.

Minus rare exceptions like Destiny 2 and Rockstar's games, games leave Xbox Game Pass on the 15th and last day of every month. The game removals are announced in advance so Xbox Game Pass subscribers can prioritize playing them to hopefully finish before they get the boot. Anyone that wants to keep playing the games before they're removed from the Xbox Game Pass lineup can typically purchase them at a 20% discount as long as they pull the trigger before the removal date comes along.

When it comes to the Xbox Game Pass games leaving in February 2024, the official announcement hasn't even happened yet, so it's possible that there will be more removals beyond what's popped up in the Leaving Soon section. While fans wait for the official Xbox Game Pass February 2024 rundown, they can note that Galactic Civilizations 3 and OPUS: Echo of Starsong are next on the chopping block, most likely getting removed after Thursday, February 15.

Xbox Game Pass Games Leaving February 2024

Galactic Civilizations 3 is a sci-fi 4X strategy game that earned mostly positive reviews at the time of its original launch back in 2015. An Xbox version of the game doesn't exist, so its removal is really only relevant to PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. Fans of the genre signed up for PC Game Pass or Game Pass Ultimate with a PC handy should definitely be sure to check it out while they still can.

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