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A recent update to Microsoft's website suggests that Square-Enix's upcoming Visions of Mana may be headed to Xbox Game Pass alongside its release. Square-Enix first announced the newest entry in the long-running RPG franchise during the 2023 Game Awards, surprising fans with the reveal of the newest Mana game. The RPG is set to arrive as the first brand-new main-series entry in the franchise in nearly two decades, with Mana's recent releases coming as remakes of older titles. Now, the newest Square-Enix game may be coming to Game Pass as well.

While the Mana franchise doesn't carry the same weight as other Square-Enix series like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, the games have a rich history dating back more than 30 years. The Mana franchise first debuted as "Seiken Densetsu" in Japan with a trio of Mana games developed during the Game Boy and SNES era. While the franchise has often spent long periods of time without new games, recent years have seen Square-Enix remaking multiple classic games, including Secret of Mana and Trials of Mana. Now, the developer is gearing up for the Mana series' long-awaited next chapter.

As reported by VGC, some observant Xbox fans recently discovered an update to Visions of Mana's Xbox Store page, suggesting the game will be launching on Game Pass. The store page for the Mana franchise's newest entry on Microsoft's online marketplace now lists the game as "coming soon to Game Pass." Neither Microsoft nor Square-Enix have officially announced the game's arrival on Game Pass, with Visions of Mana's 2024 release date still unconfirmed. One fan even discovered mentions of Game Pass in the source code for Visions of Mana's Xbox Store page.

Visions of Mana Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Visions of Mana's launch comes as part of what looks to be a major year for Square-Enix with multiple high-profile RPGs launching. February will see the long-awaited debut of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth as the second chapter of the ongoing Final Fantasy 7 Remake games. Final Fantasy 14 is expected to receive its next major expansion in 2024, with the launch of Dawntrail bringing new jobs and starting a new story within the popular MMORPG. Another of Square-Enix's less popular franchises will also receive a new entry with SaGa: Emerald Beyond.

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