Chiori’s drip marketing is on the horizon, and the Genshin Impact community is buzzing with anticipation. Trusted insiders have recently shared some exciting insights into the complete repertoire of her abilities. Stay tuned to discover the hidden potential of Chiori’s powerful skill set.

Genshin Impact is expected to start its official drip marketing for Chiori on December 29, 2024, though a reliable leak has shared an early preview of what players can hope to see from her ability kit. Though Version 4.3 was considered a dry patch, its Flagship Event introduced Genshin Impact fans to Chiori, a former acquaintance of Kamisato Ayato, and the owner of Chioriya Boutique in the Court of Fontaine. It didn't take long for her to become a fan-favorite, and while Version 4.4 will instead focus on the Lantern Rite, Chiori is expected to make her playable debut in Version 4.5.

Though the Lantern Rite controversy in Genshin Impact has distracted the community from the upcoming Event Banners, a majority of players have been satisfied with the way HoYoverse addressed some underutilized Elemental Reactions, such as Crystallize, with the Fontaine 5-Stars. While Navia may not be the savior of the Geo element on her own, she is a rock-solid addition to the character roster, and players are hoping that Chiori will have good synergy with her, either in a Support role or as an off-field DPS.

Chiori has long been suspected of being a featured character on the Version 4.5 Event Banners for Genshin Impact, and all signs point that HoYoverse has made no last-minute changes to the banner order. As for what players can expect from Chiori's ability kit, Uncle K and GenshinMeow have leaked early details on what sets Chiori apart from other 5-Star Geo characters.

Chiori's Ability Kit and Role in Genshin Impact

Chiori should begin beta testing soon, and Genshin Impact players who signed up for the beta will have a chance to test her out prior to launch. Her capability of dishing out Geo damage off-field has made the community wonder if Albedo's role in Genshin Impact is being taken over by Chiori, as unlike his Geo Constructs, Chiori's mannequins can't be destroyed by boss enemies.

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