“Discover the latest leak of Honkai: Star Rail version 2.0, unveiling the exciting number of treasure chests awaiting players in the highly anticipated Penacony region.”

A Honkai: Star Rail leak has revealed the amount of treasure chests players can collect in the Penacony world. In version 2.0, Honkai: Star Rail will increase the size of its map by adding an explorable realm that consists of vibrant areas. There, players will not only take on new story missions but also come across formidable enemies.

Honkai: Star Rail allows players to collect treasure chests that are found next to the walls and in the corridors. Those chests feature valuable rewards, including ascension materials that players can use to empower their characters. There are three types of them, with precious ones giving out higher-grade items. It's essential to note that some chests are protected by enemies, meaning players should be ready for combat while collecting them from the ground.

A new Honkai: Star Rail leak from Hiro has revealed that there will be at least 160 treasure chests on the Penacony planet. This count doesn't include puzzle and hidden chests; therefore, players can expect to find more than 180 across different sections. As for their locations, like many other loot boxes in Honkai: Star Rail, they will likely be found next to the walls and in the corners of rooms.

Honkai: Star Rail Chest Count for Each Penacony Section

According to the leak, The Reverie-Dreamscape section features a total of 56 treasure chests, while Golden Hour and Dream's Edge include 35 and 33 loot boxes, respectively. Compared to other planets, Honkai: Star Rail's Penacony will likely offer players much more rewards.

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