“Fortnite Rumored to Partner with Beloved Indie Roguelike Game for Exciting Crossover”

Fortnite may be in talks for its next indie game collaboration, with recent rumors suggesting that the mega-popular battle royale will be crossing over with The Binding of Isaac. Throughout the life of the Epic Games battle royale, the beloved shooter has become known for its plethora of crossover content with many of the biggest media franchises. Epic Games would recently introduce Family Guy's Peter Griffin to Fortnite after years of speculation, while also teaming up with anime like Jujutsu Kaisen and Naruto. Now, one of the game's next crossovers might have been teased.

First releasing in 2011, The Binding of Isaac serves as one of indie gaming's biggest success stories, achieving massive popularity following its debut. The game initially drew people in with its engaging gameplay and bizarre, grotesque graphics, throwing players into a rogue-like twin-stick shooter inspired by themes from the Bible. The Binding of Isaac and its remake, Rebirth, would go on to sell millions of copies, seeing ports to multiple consoles and mobile devices. Now, Fortnite may be the next destination for The Binding of Isaac.

A recent Tweet from The Binding of Isaac creator Edmund McMillen suggests that a Fortnite collaboration with The Binding of Isaac may be in the works. The tweet, responding to a fan's question about a Fortnite crossover, reveals that McMillen has been in talks with Epic Games about bringing the indie game to Fortnite. The post did not share any details about what the crossover would contain, simply suggesting that the discussions were ongoing. The Binding of Isaac would not be Fortnite's first indie game crossover, previously teaming up with Among Us to release a "Crewmate" skin.

Fortnite Potentially Crossing Over with The Binding of Isaac

While The Binding of Isaac is officially considered to be finished by McMillen, the developer has been hard at work on their newest game. Reportedly in development for over a decade, McMillen's next game, Mewgenics, takes a similar roguelike approach to its predecessor. McMillen has heavily hyped up Mewgenics, claiming the game will be "seen as his best work" following its launch. McMillen has also stated that Mewgenics will include "hundreds of hours of gameplay," with the game expected to launch sometime during 2024.

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