Introducing an innovative creation by a talented Palworld fan – a captivating, artistically designed Pal that seamlessly blends with the enchanting world of Pocketpair’s beloved game. Discover this brand-new Pal that exhibits remarkable compatibility with the existing creatures, allowing players to embark on exciting adventures in Palworld like never before.

An artistic Palworld fan has created and shared several photos of a brand-new Grass-type Pal that they have designed. The year has just begun, and Palworld has become a hit, surprising many gamers around the world. One of the reasons for its meteoric rise is the way Pocketpair blends two well-loved genres, survival and monster-catching, to create a gameplay loop that is enjoyable for many players.

Even though the game is in early access on Xbox and Steam, Palworld has a number of Pals that are divided into several differential elemental typings, such as Grass and Fire. Pals can even have different elemental variants and are usually found in different biomes across Palpagos Island. As a game with monster-catching at the forefront, Palworld is certainly not lacking for Pals or even variety. However, some artistic players, inspired by Pocketpair’s hit, have begun to create new Pals.

A Palworld player going by the handle ironangel2k4 on Reddit has shared several 3D designs of a new Grass-type Pal called Plossom. The creature is a green-toned possum with a red bulb on its back and sharp, pointed teeth. Additionally, it has a green diamond marking around its eyes and a red tail with leaves and seemingly another bulb at the end of its tail. Overall, the Pal’s design bears a strong resemblance to Bulbasaur, one of the very first Grass-types in the Pokemon franchise.

Meet Plossum, a Fan-made Pal

Since the release of Palworld’s very first trailer back in 2021, many gamers have noticed several similarities between the Pocketpair title and Pokemon, such as Lamball and Direhowl, and even the monster-catching devices, Pal Spheres. Since the game’s launch, the situation has escalated to the point where Palworld devs have received death threats, according to Takuro Mizobe, Pocketpair’s CEO. For Nintendo’s part, The Pokemon Company released a statement that it would be investigating possible copyright infringement.

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