In the initial reveal trailer of Grand Theft Auto 6, avid Vice City fans have observed what they believe could be a glimpse of the iconic island mansion belonging to the notorious protagonist, Tommy Vercetti.

Some eagle-eyed fans think they saw Tommy Vercetti’s island mansion in the Grand Theft Auto 6 reveal trailer. Even before Rockstar officially gave players a look at Grand Theft Auto 6, there were many rumors that the next entry in the infamous open-world crime series would return to Vice City, which serves as the GTA universe’s version of Miami. Grand Theft Auto 6 will take players to Leonida, the Florida-inspired state that Vice City is located in, and sure enough, an alternate universe version of the troubled town could be seen in the game’s trailer.

Despite the HD games taking place in a separate universe from the ones in the PS2 era, fans have since been wondering how Grand Theft Auto 6 could connect to past entries like 2002’s GTA: Vice City. The main character of that game was Tommy Vercetti, a former Liberty City mafia member and aspiring crime boss voiced by the late Ray Liotta who sets off to build his own criminal empire in the titular Vice City. While the passage of time between Vice City and GTA 6 and Liotta’s passing in 2022 make it unlikely for Tommy to make a major appearance in the latter game, fans still suspect that he will at least be referenced in some capacity.

Even if Tommy Vercetti himself doesn’t show up in Grand Theft Auto 6, a Reddit user by the handle of Crafty-Astronomer905 thinks they spotted his waterside mansion in the game’s trailer. As shown in a post they shared on r/GTA6, a building that looks like the Vercetti Estate can be seen during an establishing shot of Vice City at the beginning of the trailer, though it can be difficult to make out due to it being placed off to the side and from a great distance.

Some users in the comment section of Crafty-Astronomer905’s post have stated that they plan on visiting the mansion in GTA 6 as soon as they can, sharing their nostalgic memories of GTA: Vice City along the way. Others are skeptical that the building in question really is the Vercetti Estate, noting that its size and placement don’t quite match up with its appearance in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – not to mention the fact that Vice City takes place in an alternate continuity that the one GTA 6 will be set in.

Still, it's possible that GTA 6 will contain a reference to Tommy Vercetti and the Vercetti Gang he helped to build, and it would be interesting to see how it would tie into the story of Lucia and her boyfriend Jason. At the very least, it looks like players could be able to visit his island estate in Grand Theft Auto 6, assuming the building in question isn’t just another mansion with a strong resemblance to Tommy’s not-so-humble abode.

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