“After an unexpected knockout in Fortnite, a heartwarming encounter unfolds between a player and an unexpected opponent, breaking the norm with an uplifting twist.”

A Fortnite player enjoyed a surprisingly wholesome interaction with a random opponent. After the player was downed, their random Fortnite enemy made an interesting set of decisions.

Despite its lighthearted art design and colorful visuals, Fortnite is often a pretty cutthroat game where some players partake in toxic behavior. In an effort to remedy this, Fortnite recently introduced a feature that clamped down on abusive voice chat. However, one Fortnite player pushed back against the status quo as they made an endearing effort to help a random opponent.

Reddit user raswerty uploaded a clip that showed them being downed by an enemy after entering a room. The two briefly communicated through the use of emotes, after which the opponent decided to carry raswerty to a bed and drop them a medkit instead of fully eliminating them. The clip ends after the opponent leaves the room and shuts the door behind them. It's not shown whether raswerty's teammates were able to make it to them and complete the revive, but the opponent's actions are charming nevertheless. Maybe the viral clip could even inspire some Fortnite players to treat their enemies with such grace. Although, on the contrary, that would sort of defeat the purpose of a battle royale game.

Another Fortnite player figured out how to revive themselves all on their own, without getting help from a random good Samaritan. They did this by using a mending machine's Patch Ups and then hiring an NPC who revived them. Fortnite's steady additions of new features and in-game services have made its gameplay quite diverse.

Earlier this week, Fortnite's newest update added the Solid Snake skin alongside two new Solid Snake-themed items, the EMP Stealth Camo and Cardboard Box. The update also re-added the Anvil Rocket Launcher and introduced Super Level Styles for this season's battle pass skins. The EMP Stealth Camo is probably the update's most interesting addition, which allows players to become invisible for a short time before releasing an EMP burst that deals shield damage to nearby enemies.

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