Enhance your spell-slinging abilities with Hori’s innovative new tactical keypad. Perfect for gamers seeking to dominate the virtual realm, this keypad offers unparalleled control and precision. Seamlessly execute complex spells and maneuvers with lightning-fast speed, giving you a competitive edge in any gameplay. Unleash your inner powerhouse and take your gaming experience to new heights with Hori’s spell-slinging tactical keypad.

Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn is a terrific fantasy MMORPG, as each class can deliver an onslaught of deadly attacks, cast powerful spells, and keep your party alive with handy buffs. All of those techniques do require some deft finger gymnastics, but fortunately, a stylish solution is on the way. Ahead of its release on April 15, preorders for the Hori Tactical Assault Commander mechanical keypad have gone live. Priced at $140, this is a limited-edition Final Fantasy 14 version emblazoned with the game’s logo and it sports a carbon black finish.

So what makes this so special? This portable and ergonomic device features 21 programmable keys and has a position-adjustable analog stick. All of these inputs can be customized, ranging from assigning keyboard and gamepad functions to configuring the stick and setting dead zones to meet your individual requirements. That’ll make pulling off attacks much more convenient in Final Fantasy 14, and you won’t be limited to just that game either.

Because the keyboard can save up to eight profiles internally, that gives you options to use it for other games in the genre as well, such as Diablo 4, The Elder Scrolls Online, and Lost Ark. Even better, this keyboard is compatible with PC, PS5, and PS4, and it might be worth looking at something like this before Final Fantasy 14’s next big expansion, Dawntrail, arrives later this year.

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