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Lego isn’t the only game in town when it comes to constructive building block toys, and for something a little different, this fully mechanized Pikachu building set from Mega Bloks is an energetic set that’ll put a smile on the face of any Pokemon fan. Compared to Lego, the Mega Bloks set has a more organic design to it–even if Pikachu looks like a missing Transformer from Beast Wars–and isn’t nearly as blocky. Normally $97, this officially licensed toy set from Nintendo is on sale for only $38 at Amazon.

Beyond the more rounded design, the 1,095 pieces in this set can be used to construct a Pikachu with animated properties, as turning a hand-activated crank activates a running motion in the legs and feet. This function also causes the tail to swing, and the rest of the pieces are used to put together a buildable display case with a rocky-path environment.

The base also allows for the Pikachu nameplate to be changed–you can choose between English and Japanese–and other authentic details here include Pikachu’s infectious smile, black accents on its plastic fur, and lightning bolts from the electrical pouches on its cheeks.

Pikachu isn’t the only discounted Pokemon Mega set. The Charizard set is on sale for $112 (was $140), Gyarados is $132 (was $172), and Butterfree is $35 (was $65).

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