Developer Pathea Games, known for their popular game My Time at Sandrock, has recently announced the release of a highly anticipated hotfix for the Nintendo Switch version of the game. In response to player feedback, this patch aims to resolve various issues and bugs that have been affecting the gaming experience. Stay updated with the latest news from Pathea Games as they continue to improve and enhance My Time at Sandrock on the Switch platform.

Pathea Games has released the patch notes for My Time at Sandrock's latest hotfix, version, which released in February 2024. The patch is meant to address a number of issues that have popped up since the latest update was released for the Switch version of the life sim. This includes a problem with one of the romance options in My Time at Sandrock.

The Switch version of My Time at Sandrock received an update in January that added new quests, workshop upgrades, and other gameplay features. The patch also took care of various bugs and introduced quality-of-life improvements. The update lined up the Switch port of the game with the PC version and included everything that had been released for the title through the month of December 2023.

Pathea Games released the patch notes for My Time at Sandrock's latest hotfix on Reddit. One of the main issues that has been addressed has to do with Logan's "True Love's Treasure" quest, which would cause the game to freeze. The problem with the "Eagle and the Storm" quest in My Time at Sandrock that would see Gust and gathering points hover in the air has also been fixed. Gust and the resources are now on the ground where they should be.

A few other bugs were dealt with in the My Time at Sandrock patch. This includes a problem that caused Matilda's house to disappear, as well as a bug that would give Unsuur a bald appearance whenever he was wearing the Deputy Cap. Finally, the issue with the social relationship UI has been taken care of, and players can now scroll down and view all of My Time at Sandrock's characters. Hopefully these fixes will help those who own the Switch version of the title enjoy it more as they carve out a life in Sandrock.

My Time at Sandrock is the sequel to the life sim My Time at Portia and sees players become a new resident in the desert town of Sandrock. The game takes place after an event that has destroyed civilization, leaving the survivors to rebuild society. Players will spend their days in My Time at Sandrock crafting, gathering resources, farming, and much more. Gamers will also be able to explore the deserts around the town, where they will be able to fight various foes in dynamic battles.

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