After the recent announcement of an exciting new VR game, the Metro team is here to deliver some positive news to appease loyal fans who may have been initially disappointed.

The Metro team just delivered great news about the future of the franchise for fans upset in the wake of the recent VR game announcement. The Metro franchise, based on a series of novels, has been thrilling fans of shooters and post-apocalyptic action since Metro 2033 released in 2010. With developer 4A Games releasing the last entry, Metro Exodus, back in 2019, however, it's been some time since gamers got a chance to explore the Russian wastelands.

Earlier this week, fans finally got some news about the next entry in the series, but this unfortunately left some feeling disappointed. As it turned out, the leaks about the upcoming Metro game were not what many fans wanted, hinting that this would be a VR game and exclusive to the PS VR 2 system. This would leave many gamers out of luck and also take the series away from its non-VR roots. Now, however, the Metro development team is clarifying the situation with an update that should please previously upset players.

In a recent tweet, the Metro team explained that another mainline entry in the series is currently in production and slated to release on the current generation of consoles and PC. The VR game officially revealed as Metro: Awakening, is a separate project for PS VR2 which is being headed up by developer Vertigo Games. This means that Metro fans without a VR set need not despair at the news of Metro: Awakening. They can still count on getting a new title of their own, in the traditional style, in the future.

A Non-VR Mainline Metro Title Is in the Works

The original Metro game ranks high among great story-driven shooters and has developed a faithful community over the years with solid additions to the franchise. Reassurance that another entry is coming at some point in the future will likely come as a big relief to many of these fans, even if they'll have to wait for the upcoming VR game to launch first.

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