Title: “Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Unleash Extreme Exercise with Link’s Giant Jump Rope Contraption!”

Description: In this exciting adventure of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players join forces with a skilled protagonist and his daughter to create a colossal jump rope contraption that aims to take Link’s training to exhilarating new heights. Get ready to embrace the challenge and embark on an epic fitness journey with Link as he jumps, skips, and twirls through this innovative exercise apparatus. Delve into the world of Zelda like never before as you overcome hurdles, unlock secrets, and witness the kingdom’s tears turn into tales of triumph. Explore the magic of video game fitness and discover how this awe-inspiring jump rope creation adds a whole new dimension to Link’s exhilarating quest for strength and agility!

A Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player helped their daughter construct a "hardcore jump rope" in the game and the results are delightfully ridiculous. The latest entry in the venerable and beloved Zelda franchise launched last year, but it's still getting lots of attention from gamers as they go back to explore new strategies or craft new creations. Indeed, the crafting system of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom seems likely to keep fans busy until the next title in the franchise eventually releases.

Tears of the Kingdom received rave reviews and incredible support from fans for its amazing story and great gameplay. The Zelda game also got lots of attention, however, for being among the games with unique crafting systems that give players incredible freedom to be creative and clever. Since it released, fans have taken advantage of this system and title's realistic physics to build amazing machines, vehicles, weapons, other remarkable creations. Now, another gamer and their daughter are adding to this legacy.

On Reddit, a Zelda fan going by SquishyGamesCo has shared a video of a "hardcore jump rope" contraption they designed with their daughter in Tears of the Kingdom. The device consists of a large platform with two wheels on pillars and a vine, acting as a rope, suspended between them. When activated, the wheels spin, move the rope in a circle, allowing Link to jump over it as it passes just above the ground. The speed of the wheels makes for quite a dexterity challenge and, if a jump is missed, the rope will actually deal a small bit of damage as a penalty.

Gamer Gives Credit to Their Daughter

In the post, SquishyGamesCo emphasizes that, while they helped, the jump rope was entirely their daughter's idea and design. It seems that gaming with their 7-year-old child is a bonding experience for the pair, and they couldn't resist showing off what their daughter had created. There's no doubt that video games are a great way for parents and children to spend quality time and share interests. Last year, for example, an artist made a real-world Pokedex for their daughter.

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