A Palworld player demonstrates their ingenuity by incorporating a cleverly concealed secret room within the framework of their primary residence. Immerse yourself in the world of Palworld as you witness the innovative approach taken by this player to design a base with a hidden surprise. Uncover the mystery and unravel the secrets of Palworld’s hidden room gameplay mechanics that will leave you astounded. Join in on the excitement as you explore this unique twist in base design and discover the hidden wonders that await within.

A clever gamer has recently built a secret room in their base in Palworld, exploiting how the game works to craft a creative secret passage inside the walls. Many people who play Palworld do it on multiplayer servers, and this gamer found a pretty unique solution to protect their resources from others.

Palworld became a huge hit almost immediately after it was released in early access last week. The game surprised even its developer, Pocket Pair, by selling over 8 million units so far and became one of the most played games on Steam and Xbox. Recently, Palworld even broke Counter-Strike 2’s record for simultaneous players on Steam by having over 2 million people playing it at the same time on the platform.

A player called GasTankForHire recently shared a glimpse of their Palworld base, showing off a smart secret passage they devised to protect their loot. In the 10-second clip, it’s possible to see that GasTankForHire created a fairly big wooden base with two floors with several stairs. When using one of the stairs, the player climbs on the nearby wall, then moves to the side, passing through inside the stairs and entering a secret room without doors. It’s a genius idea because it exploits a glitch, and it’s very unlikely that other players would even know the secret room exists.

GasTankForHire is not the only player creating amazing bases in Palworld. The game may have been out for only a few days, but many people in the community are already creating exciting projects. One of them was devised by a couple of gamers who built a huge Palworld base with seven buildings, including farms, factories, a breeding barn, and stone walls to protect the place.

Palworld is still in early access, so hopefully base building will become even better in the future. Recently, the Palworld team released a road map for new updates. First, Pocket Pair will address the main issues, such as poor performance on Xbox, numerous problems with the AI of Pals, and crashes experienced by some players. After that, the company will focus on adding new content such as the Pal Arena, which will allow for PvP. Other updates include Raid Bosses, which will act as endgame content, as well as new islands and even more Pals to capture. It remains to be seen, however, whether new updates will still allow gamers to create secret passages like this one, as they operate based on a glitch.

By marcela Diay

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