In this informative piece, the developers of Call of Duty divulge intricate details about the matchmaking system deployed in the highly acclaimed game, Modern Warfare 3. With a strong commitment to fostering better communication with the gaming community, they promise to keep players informed with regular updates. Gain insight into the inner workings of the matchmaking process in Modern Warfare 3 and stay tuned for more forthcoming information.

The Call of Duty developers explain how matchmaking works in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Season 1, as the team commits to more communication with its community regarding online play. Skill-based matchmaking is a controversial topic among hardcore players in the Call of Duty community, and Activision hopes to bring clarity and insight to the community into how this matchmaking system operates.

Season 1 of Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone began on December 6, 2023, with a slew of new multiplayer content, maps, and weapons. At the time of Season 1's launch, the Call of Duty development team promised to have a "conversation" with its community about matchmaking. The Call of Duty community saw this as a sign that matchmaking changes could be on the way, since many players did not shy away from voicing their concerns and frustrations with skill-based matchmaking.

Activision Explains the Call of Duty Matchmaking Process

A new Call of Duty blog post delves into the matchmaking process in multiplayer modes for Modern Warfare 3, and the development team hopes to work on improvements going forward with feedback from the community. Firstly, Activision explains that matchmaking involves eight different factors: connection, time to match, playlist diversity, recent maps/modes, skill/performance, input device, platform, and voice chat. Connection is the most critical and heavily weighted factor for matchmaking, with the time to match being the second most important factor in the process. Matchmaking works through connection and time to match, first since these factors ensure the player will have a stable experience with a consistent flow of matches while playing multiplayer in Modern Warfare 3. A connection metric known as the "Delta Ping" is vital for determining how a player is matched to a nearby data center, since it considers how fast data will travel between the player and the data center in a client-server process.

Meanwhile, the game's netcode works to reduce latency as the matchmaking process prioritizes stable connections and low ping. Since matchmaking takes time, Modern Warfare 3 will work to place players in empty slots during active matches in order to reduce the time to match, ensuring that players do not need to restart the matchmaking process. Moreover, skill rounds out the top three major factors of the Modern Warfare 3 matchmaking process since it's crucial for matching teammates and opponents for a match. A player's overall performance, including kills and recent matches, determines the other players they will be matched with. This metric also ensures the disparity between the most and least skilled players in a match is not vast.

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