“Discover exciting news for gaming enthusiasts as a widely acclaimed game on Steam drops a subtle hint, suggesting its imminent arrival on consoles. After enjoying immense triumph on PC for numerous years, players may soon relish this thrilling title on their favorite gaming platforms.”

Popular management sim Planet Zoo has posted a video on social media that seems to be hinting the game is making the long-awaited jump to consoles. Since its release in 2019, Planet Zoo has been thoroughly enjoyed by PC players who have awarded the game very positive reviews on Steam. With players calling Planet Zoo one of the best zoo management games, many fans have been anxiously awaiting a console port, and their wait may be nearly over.

Planet Zoo is a zoo construction and management simulation game developed by the studio behind Planet Coaster, Frontier Developments. Seeing as the studio previously worked on Zoo Tycoon and Rollercoaster Tycoon 3, Planet Zoo has been dubbed the spiritual successor to the nostalgic Zoo Tycoon games. With multiple game modes and intricate building tools, players can unleash their creativity in Planet Zoo while simultaneously being tasked with the care of their animals and employees. The game focuses heavily on the construction of unique zoos, with meaningful choices regarding conservation and guest responses to heighten the experience of zoo management.

Planet Zoo Teases Potential Console Release

In a mysterious social media post, Planet Zoo has hinted that the game may finally be coming to consoles. The video, set in the back room of a zoo, features out-of-focus zoo employees chatting behind a prominently displayed console controller. Despite the lack of text or an official announcement, the video has caused an uproar among excited fans who have been awaiting a console port of the zoo sim for years, especially after Planet Coaster was released to consoles in 2020.

While the teaser has many fans thrilled, some players are concerned about how the precise controls could translate from a keyboard and mouse to a controller. With such intricate building tools, players can precisely design every little piece of their zoo, which some players worry may be difficult or tedious with a controller. However, other fans claim that Planet Coaster’s console release did not interfere with this precision, and in fact, some fans prefer using a controller as it makes it easier to move the game’s camera. It remains to be seen if Planet Zoo will be one of many games that are better on keyboard and mouse.

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