In the immersive world of Palworld, a fortunate player embarks on an extraordinary adventure, kickstarting their in-game experience with an incredibly coveted and formidable Pal, painstakingly nurtured from a colossal Dragon Egg. Unlock the unparalleled power and potential of this rare companion as you traverse the vast landscapes of Palworld. Immerse yourself in the captivating gameplay and witness firsthand the unrivaled capabilities of your Pal. Get ready to embark on an unparalleled journey, where you are the chosen one with a legendary Pal by your side in Palworld.

One lucky Palworld player is showing off a Jormuntide Ignis they hatched from a Huge Dragon Egg early in the game. When it comes to the various Pals in Palworld, very few are better suited for combat than the Jormuntide Ignis. Needless to say, starting an adventure with such a strong companion is quite a stroke of luck.

Obtaining a Huge Dragon Egg in Palworld is no easy feat, as the egg is rather uncommon. Not to mention, the Jormuntide Ignis is one of three Pals that can hatch from the Huge Dragon Egg, so there is no guarantee obtaining the item will ensure the hatching of the desirable dragon.

Palworld Player Hatches Strong Pal Early In Game

Reddit user GuyFluffle123 shared an image of a Jormuntide Ignis they claim to have hatched early in their campaign. Finding one of the best dual-type Pals in Palworld so early in a playthrough is, of course, a fortuitous hatch to say the least. As both a Dragon and Fire-type, Jormuntide Ignis has access to some of the strongest moves in the game.

Not only is Jormuntide Ignis a formidable teammate to have in battle, but the Pal is also useful when it comes to making cakes. For those new to the game, making cakes in Palworld is essential for fusing Pals. Rather than going out into the open world to capture new Pals, these creatures can be obtained through fusion by gaining access to equipment and recipes after reaching a certain level.

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