NFG Summary:Animal Crossing’s immersive and interactive gameplay offers a captivating virtual village experience that mirrors the passage of time in the real world. With its dynamic 24-hour clock and ever-changing events, the game encourages daily engagement as you build relationships, experience special occasions, decorate your home, and truly immerse yourself in the charming world of Animal Crossing.

Categories: Virtual, Life
Meta Score: 87
User Score: 88.0
Platform: GameCube
Publisher Names: Nintendo


Animal Crossing allows you to interact with a virtual village of animals that are doing something different every minute of every day. With Animal Crossing’s 24-hour clock, the game’s unique events can be in synch with real time–as day turns to night in the real world, the sun will also begin to set in the game. The dynamic setup requires you to come back every day and carry out your daily routines, build relationships with villagers, celebrate special days, collect furnishings for your homes, and just live life in the unique world of Animal Crossing.

Positive Comment(s)

A highly addictive and entertaining game, with hundreds of hours of depth available. The animals are cute, with their own personality quirks. And if they annoy you, just remember they can’t read.100eToychest
For fans of the genre, Animal Crossing can best be explained as a mix between “Harvest Moon” and “The Sims,” and it’s just so damn fun.96Gamer’s Pulse
Addiction… The answer to the PC’s hit simulation “The Sims,” however you’ve got kooky little animals instead of real life looking people, and it’s also a whole lot more fun.96netjak
Perhaps the deepest and most immersive game I have ever played. The community aspect is on a par with any MMORPG you care to mention, which is a hell of an achievement for an offline console game.95GameCube Europe
It’s like a simple “Sims”…but it’s a lot of fun, I swear. [Oct 2002, p.86]95Game Informer
This game is so addictive, you won’t be able to put it down once you start playing!92Electronic Gaming Monthly
It’s an extremely satisfying experience…and the inclusion of the Game Boy Advance connectivity is absolutely brilliant and should not be missed.91IGN
Extremely addicting. This is the type of game that you get up early and stay up late for just to see what will happen next.91Gaming Age
It looks plain on the surface, but once you’ve established yourself in your new town, you won’t be able to put the controller down. Not for everyone, but very good. [Oct 2002, p.38]91GameNow
The game that never ends… So why is it so much fun to play? [Feb 2003, p.96]90GMR Magazine

Negative Comment(s)

The unique mechanics of this game make it stand out from the rest, but its complexity may be a turn off for some players.80Cincinnati Enquirer
The game is habit-forming but crawls along too slowly to have the legs of a “Sims”-like blockbuster. [20 Sept 2002]75Entertainment Weekly
Great game. But again, like every other review. It’s 1 island per switch system! Which is ridiculous and player 2 literally cannot do anything on the island. Absolutely ridiculous if you ask me30GoldFishy

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