NFG Summary:Animal Crossing: New Horizons invites players to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life and embark on a delightful deserted island adventure. With its peaceful atmosphere, endless creativity, and charming interactions, this game allows players to craft their own paradise and experience the joy of nature. Explore, build, make friends, and embrace the freedom to create the life you’ve always dreamed of in this enchanting and immersive experience.

Categories: Virtual, Life
Meta Score: 90
User Score: 56.0
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Publisher Names: Nintendo


If the hustle and bustle of modern life’s got you down, Tom Nook has a new business venture up his sleeve that he knows you’ll adore: the Nook Inc. Deserted Island Getaway Package. Sure, you’ve crossed paths with colorful characters near and far. Had a grand time as one of the city folk. May’ve even turned over a new leaf and dedicated yourself to public service. But deep down, isn’t there a part of you that longs for…freedom? Then perhaps a long walk on the beach of a deserted island, where a rich wealth of untouched nature awaits, is just what the doctor ordered. Peaceful creativity and charm await as you roll up your sleeves and make your new life whatever you want it to be. Collect resources and craft everything from creature comforts to handy tools. Embrace your green thumb as you interact with flowers and trees in new ways. Set up a homestead where the rules of what goes indoors and out no longer apply. Make friends with new arrivals, enjoy the seasons, pole-vault across rivers as you explore, and more.

Positive Comment(s)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons takes everything good about Animal Crossing and improves it ten-fold.100CGMagazine
A beautiful, welcoming game that is everything and anything you want it to be. This is one you’ll play all year and beyond, and it’s exactly what the world needs right now.100God is a Geek
Nintendo’s comforting life sim is a tranquil haven at a time the world needs it most.100VGC
The latest Animal Crossing is also the best, full of life, charm, and near-endless ways to make your very own island paradise.100GameSkinny
Animal Crossing: New Horizons is fantastic. It is the best Animal Crossing game ever made.95GamesBeat
Animal Crossing: New Horizons easily wins the “best entry in the series” title, bringing in much needed new content in the franchise.93SpazioGames
Animal Crossing: New Horizons changes the game in a lot of subtly but meaningful ways, giving it more depth, freedom and a better flow.92IGN Italia
Animal Crossing: New Horizons is just the game we wanted and much more. This franchise demonstrates once more why it is so special.92Atomix
Animal Crossing finally gets a sequel that moves the franchise forward, in a surprisingly timely release that is perfect for this year in terms of both its gameplay and its philosophy.90Metro GameCentral
Animal Crossing: New Horizons is an expanded, polished, next-generation reboot of a classic Nintendo game that’s full of surprises.90IGN

Negative Comment(s)

giocabile e carino70Lollllkkj
new leaf >60kup108
I play games to escape capitalism not to do raccoon capitalism.40Roykya
Good but not open world70Sjdhd
Garbage game that forces you to purchase an overpriced DLC for half the features20Marioipod13
I went into this game expecting simple fun and escapism, but ended up being quite annoyed most of the time because of one mechanic or another. It’s a grind, and the rewards mostly aren’t worth it.70johnchill4
Masterpiece. don’t let old animal crossing tell you other wise, You can’t go wrong with this unless u need something to explode every 5 seconds for u to have fun0Mpopov
06/10 ……………………………………………………………60tofuisawesome
Good game but incredibly grinding. I know its supposed to be comforting and chill. But its just not for me. A very good game though just not for me.70bigeli
Issable was hype when she got in Smash Bros, but she isn’t fun to play as/against. the game is pretty oki tho70bochuu

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