Introducing an eagerly awaited PS5 game developed by Chinese studio Kuro Game. This highly anticipated game captivates players with aesthetics reminiscent of the popular Genshin Impact. Be among the first to experience its immersive world by participating in the upcoming closed beta test.

Chinese developer Kuro Game has released new information about its upcoming game, Wuthering Waves, confirming the game's second beta test and PlayStation versions. Kuro Game first announced the game in 2022 as a new action RPG with many fans drawing comparisons to Genshin Impact with its fast-paced and fluid combat. Early trailers saw Wuthering Waves showcase similar gameplay to "hack-and-slash" games, putting an emphasis on difficulty and timing with the players' inputs. Now, excited fans are set to learn more about the game with its second closed beta test.

The massive success of Genshin Impact has seen a plethora of new competitors follow in its footsteps, trying to replicate HoYoverse's success. New games like Tower of Fantasy and Project: Mugen take a similar approach with their mix of open-world action RPGs and gacha elements. HoYoverse itself has even used the successful formula established by Genshin Impact with future titles, including Honkai: Star Rail and the upcoming Zenless Zone Zero. Now, Wuthering Waves is looking to throw itself into the ring with another chance for players to try the game out early.

The newest trailer for Wuthering Waves shows off gameplay from the game's upcoming second closed beta test, while also confirming PS4 and PS5 versions to come. The trailer places an emphasis on the flashy visuals, with the developer citing the open-world game's graphics as one of the biggest changes from early tests. The story also reportedly got a major overhaul between beta tests, with a developer going by the name of Dong confirming 90% of the story from the first closed beta test had been rewritten. Fans can register for Wuthering Waves' second beta test now through February 7.

Wuthering Waves Announces Second Closed Beta Test

During a discussion about Wuthering Waves' development cycle, the developer shared the stressful situation that came following the game's first beta test. The developer reportedly took heavy inspiration from anime when re-designing Wuthering Waves' graphics, using vibrant colors where fans had complained about the dreary color palettes of the game. The overhauled visuals and story also came over a short period, with Dong citing the 6-month period being used to rework two to three years' worth of work on the game.

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