In a recent player survey conducted by Epic Games, exciting possibilities for DLC and mod support in LEGO Fortnite have emerged, leaving gamers eagerly speculating about what future updates may hold. This survey signifies promising developments on the horizon, igniting anticipation among fans.

A new player survey released by Epic Games teases that new DLC and potential mod support may be coming soon to LEGO Fortnite. The LEGO-themed survival game was released shortly after the launch of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 last December, and the rapid success of LEGO Fortnite encouraged many players to ponder what Epic Games could introduce in the current and upcoming seasons.

LEGO Fortnite lets players create worlds and build to their hearts' content, thanks to the game's well-received construction mechanics. More than a month after its launch, thousands of concurrent players continue to play LEGO Fortnite together and complete projects within the game, such as the Death Star from Star Wars or a massive plane that can actually fly over the map. In addition, Epic Games' collaborative efforts with major publishers and companies means that players can expect LEGO versions of skins from Fortnite to be added over time. Speculation about future collaborations and content appears to be on the rise in the community now, since Epic Games may be considering new DLC for the game.

Survey Hints at Potential LEGO Fortnite DLC and Mods

According to prominent Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR on Twitter, a newly released Epic Games player survey teases that new LEGO Fortnite DLC and mods could be available in the near future. One of the survey questions asks users about why they have created multiple worlds in LEGO Fortnite, with the user being able to choose "I wanted to use a mod" or "I wanted to use DLC" as an answer. Despite this question being raised, the rest of the survey doesn't elaborate on what the new DLC or mod support could potentially entail for LEGO Fortnite. Nonetheless, the mention of DLC and mods in the player survey brought a lot of excitement for fans on Twitter, with many speculating about what the DLC could bring to the survival game.

Fortnite leakers, including SamLeakss and Pluto V2, are also excited about new LEGO Fortnite DLC and mods. The survey is another reassuring sign of long-term support and new updates for LEGO Fortnite from Epic Games, so the general response from the Fortnite community appears to be very positive. Some users are cautious about DLC due to Fortnite's consistent influx of new paid skins, however.

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