Title: Hilarious Battlefield 2042 Glitch Exposes Jets Malfunction – Online Gamer’s Mishap

Description: Experience the laughter-inducing escapade of an online gamer who encounters a side-splitting glitch within Battlefield 2042. This comical mishap sheds light on the peculiar malfunction of the game’s jets, clearly deviating from the intended design by DICE. Embark on a journey filled with unexpected twists and uproarious moments as this gamer unwittingly unravels the hilarious secrets of Battlefield 2042’s malfunctioning jets.

A gamer online has shared a hilarious fail from Battlefield 2042, which implies that the jets in the game might not be working exactly as developer DICE intends. Despite countless patches since its release, Battlefield 2042 still suffers from its share of glitches.

When Battlefield 2042 was first released back in 2021, the game faced heavy scrutiny from the community. It suffered from a lack of features that had become standard for the series at that point, straying from what players had come to expect from a Battlefield game. On top of this, it was littered with technical issues and bugs which severely damaged the launch. One Battlefield 2042 glitch even allowed players to go invisible and cause mayhem for others. The game's aerial mechanics were no different, suffering from its own slate of glitches. As this clip shows, there's at least one bug that hasn't been ironed out yet.

The Most Frustrating Way to Die in Battlefield 2042

The glitch was posted to Reddit by Bird_Boy100, kicking off with a jet immediately charging into the ground. Instead of exploding instantly as expected, it lands on its tip. The player garners the attention of the enemy, who is able to actually run the player over and take off into the air once again. It's a hilarious watch, but would understandably be a frustrating way to die in the moment. With Battlefield 2042 Season 7 set to kick off in March, it's clear that there are still a few kinks to iron out in the game.

Ever since the earliest days of online gaming videos, there has always been something about Battlefield aerial combat clips that is particularly awesome. While glitches are frustrating when they happen, more often than not, Battlefield aerial combat clips get to highlight incredible feats that seem impossible. One Battlefield 2042 player even pulled off an incredible jet stunt kill – it's just an essential part of the experience that every player needs to try to make happen at least once.

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