“Elden Ring Player Shares Hilarious Looney Tunes-Inspired Invasion Video”

An Elden Ring player shared a short video of a hilarious invasion which ended up looking like a Looney Tunes episode. Invasions in Elden Ring are a fun little diversion that provides players a chance to engage in PvP fights, battling it out in competitive multiplayer without the confines of being in the Colosseum. Sometimes, invasions will even lead to interesting situations that turn out to be more entertaining than the solo gaming experience itself.

Quite a few players have experienced funny situations through this mechanic that didn't necessarily turn out in their favor, but still made their playthroughs more memorable. For example, there was one case where a gamer's first Elden Ring invasion saw them accidentally kicked off a cliff. Invading another player's world can be a bit of a surprise, as players aren't really sure what they will be getting themselves into. While Elden Ring's player base is somewhat varied in terms of skill, there are certainly times when veteran users get sent to newbies' games and vice versa. There are even instances when an invader arrives at a location already being invaded by another Tarnished.

A Hilarious Elden Ring Chase is Captured on Video

Recently, one Reddit user shared an Elden Ring clip that looked similar to a Looney Tunes episode. The start of the video shows the player standing behind a doorway and planning to move forward, when suddenly, their target runs across the door. Not long after, an invader also passes by. The running then continues to the background, the foreground, and goes back and forth, before the invader finally catches up with an attack. While it wasn't as long as one Elden Ring chase that went on for miles, it had comedic timing similar to what can be found in cartoons such as Scooby-Doo and Looney Tunes.

The comments section had a lot of fun with the video as well, with a few users suggesting that some Scooby-Doo or Benny Hill music be added to make the clip even funnier. While that probably wouldn't make sense for most custom Elden Ring soundtracks, in this particular case it would be quite appropriate. Reddit user MinuteCartographer even decided to make an edited clip with the hilarious song added in, proving that it actually fits the vibe.

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