Discover an effective strategy for acquiring fresh Pals from the Black Marketeer, an interactive non-playable character (NPC) within the immersive Palworld game. Explore this valuable tip shared by an experienced player and enhance your gaming experience in the vast world of Pocket Pair.

A Palworld player has revealed that catching a Black Marketeer makes his Pal stock refresh every time he spawns. Palworld is one of the most popular releases of the year, and there's no shortage of reasons why Pocket Pair's game is standing out. One of the big appeals of the open-world survival game is its "Pokemon with guns" premise, where players use their captured monsters for much more than battles.

Palworld players add Pals to their collection by catching them in the game world. But if the Palworld player wants an alternative route to acquiring new Pals, one option is to turn to the Black Marketeer. At first glance, Palworld's Black Marketeer may seem scary, but this NPC is essential for players to find Pals that aren't seen in the wild very often. The Black Marketer stocks a fixed variety of Pals, but which ones the player will find for sale on any given day is random. To get around this, a Palworld player shared a useful tip to help the community hunt for Pals.

Palworld Shares How to Easily Get New Pals With the Black Marketeer

Reddit user anigomantoya shared that catching a Black Marketeer makes the Pals in his stock refresh with each spawn. According to them, when the player gets a Black Marketeer, they should bring him to their base. This way, every time the NPC spawns, the options of Pals for sale will be updated. This is possible because, unlike Pokemon where players can only capture creatures, Palworld allows players to get humans using the game's version of Poke Balls called Pal Spheres. The OP adds that over time, Palworld players using this trick can get any Pal they want with any passive.

Black Marketeers have Pals of a higher rarity than those sold by regular traders, so finding one of these hooded figures is an important mission for players. There are 12 Black Marketeers scattered around the Palapagos Islands, and while it is possible to catch Palworld's humans, players should keep a few details in mind regarding these vendors. The Black Marketeers are found at level 40 and carry a minigun similar to the Syndicate Crusaders, making them a rough fight. Because of this, it's recommended for Palworld players to be at a high level and have Pals good at battling high-health enemies.

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