Experiencing a disruptively glitch in Palworld where players encounter a troublesome situation as their trainer’s Pal monsters unexpectedly halt their attacks at pivotal moments in the game. Uncover the root cause of this gameplay flaw and explore potential solutions to overcome this issue in Palworld. Seek guidance and tackle the glitch head-on for uninterrupted and enhanced gameplay experience.

A glitch has been found in Palworld that stops a player’s Pal from attacking enemies during battle. Owing to gamers catching and battling monsters, Palworld has drawn comparisons with Nintendo’s Pokemon franchise since it debuted in early access on January 19.

Despite these comparisons, Pocket Pair’s survival game has already proven a hit with players. Within the first 5 days of the game being on sale, Palworld has crossed 7 million sales on Steam. With the game in early access, some bugs and glitches are still being ironed out by the team at Pocket Pair. One specific glitch, however, seems to be causing an issue with gamers who are looking to explore the latest monster-hunting survival game.

Players are reporting that their Pals have stopped responding to commands or attacking enemies during crucial battles. One Twitter user by the handle LyriicDaVinci has posted a short video that shows the glitch in full effect. During an encounter with Relaxaurus Lux, the video shows the player’s Ice-Dragon Chillet is frozen to the spot. While the trainer attempts to dodge a barrage of attacks, the Pal continues to take damage, and LyriicDaVinci notes that this bug is affecting both attacks and prompts within the Xbox version of Palworld.

Palworld's Freezing Pals Glitch Unfortunately Seems Widespread

It seems that LyriicDaVinci isn’t alone in experiencing the Palworld glitch that freezes friendly monsters in place. On Reddit, Squirrel009 notes that when throwing a Pal into battle “they just stand still doing nothing. The enemy often freezes up the same but not always.” At the moment the glitch doesn’t seem to be isolated to any of the hundred or so Pals that currently feature in Palworld. Replies to the post suggest swapping out monsters until they start moving again could be the solution to the problem.

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