Title: Future Call of Duty Games May Not be Included in Xbox Game Pass, Claims Prominent Leaker

Description: According to a reputable source in the gaming community, the popular Call of Duty franchise might not be made available through the Xbox Game Pass due to Microsoft’s rumored strategic realignment. This unexpected development could potentially impact the accessibility of future Call of Duty titles on the Xbox gaming platform. Stay updated with the latest news and insights on potential changes to the availability of Call of Duty games on Xbox Game Pass.

The Call of Duty series may not be coming to Xbox Game Pass, a well-known Microsoft leaker has said. The addition of the hit shooter franchise to Xbox Game Pass was previously touted as one of the biggest consumer-facing benefits of Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

After the $68.7 billion deal was closed in October, Microsoft was swarmed with fan questions about when exactly it intends to bring its newest subsidiary's catalog to its subscription service. Shortly thereafter, Activision Blizzard said its games would start arriving on Xbox Game Pass sometime in 2024.

Call of Duty May Skip Game Pass As Part of Microsoft's Pivot to Third-Party Publishing

And while the Call of Duty series was never expected to be in the first wave of those additions, it now appears that the hit franchise may end up skipping the subscription service altogether. That's according to long-time Microsoft leaker Timdog, who said he "heard" that Call of Duty won't be coming to Xbox Game Pass during the latest episode of the Gamers Council podcast. The insider sarcastically labeled that move as one of Microsoft's "brilliant ideas" made as part of the company's rumored pivot to third-party publishing, all in response to declining Xbox console sales.

The strategic shift, which Microsoft has yet to announce, is rumored to result in a variety of its existing and upcoming titles going multi-platform. Among other things, several insiders reported that Starfield will be coming to the PS5 sometime in 2024. While its PlayStation release date remains unclear, Microsoft is said to be aiming to bring Bethesda's latest title to Sony's console around the time the Shattered Space expansion launches on PC and the Xbox Series X/S. Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is also said to be under consideration for a multi-platform release.

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