Title: Palworld Developer, Pocketpair, Discloses Substantial Investment in Game’s Multiplayer Servers

Meta description: Dive into the staggering financial commitment made by Pocketpair, the renowned developer behind Palworld, as it shares the significant expenditure on enhancing the game’s multiplayer server capacity.

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Revised Description: Discover the extent of investment made by Pocketpair, the esteemed Palworld developer, as it divulges the considerable amount allocated towards optimizing the game’s multiplayer servers. Learn about the substantial financial commitment made to enhance the player experience in this immersive virtual world.

Palworld is currently on course to incur nearly half a million dollars in server upkeep costs for February. That eye-watering figure provides some additional perspective on what kind of "good problems" having an indie hit like Palworld can create.

The newest title from Japanese studio Pocketpair was released in early access for PC and Xbox consoles on January 19. Palworld was also a day-one Xbox Game Pass release, but that did not stop it from debuting as the best-selling game on Steam, a title that it still holds more than two weeks later.

Palworld On Course To Spend $474,000 On Hosting In February

The other side of that global success is that Palworld has been struggling with server issues for days following its release, as millions of players were trying to jump into its multiplayer instances, bringing its backend to its knees. In an apparent effort to contextualize those ongoing infrastructural challenges, Pocketpair CEO Takuro Mizobe has recently taken to Twitter to reveal the projection of the game's monthly hosting costs. His screenshot of Pocketpair's hosting provider console states that Palworld is currently on course to hit 70.53 million yen—the equivalent of $474,000—in server upkeep costs for February.

In a subsequent tweet, Pocketpair network engineer Chujo Hiroto revealed that he had been "ordered not to degrade" the game's multiplayer service no matter what. The Japanese studio is instead currently offering Palworld's multiplayer servers "without considering profitability," the official wrote, adding that the developer will continue doing everything it can to ensure that all players can keep enjoying the game "to the fullest."

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