In this SEO-compatible description, WWE United States Champion Logan Paul provides his take on the current buzz surrounding WrestleMania 40, featuring discussions on The Rock, Cody Rhodes, and Roman Reigns. Get the inside scoop on the ongoing controversy from a champion’s perspective.

WWE United States Champion Logan Paul has weighed in on the ongoing controversy surrounding the company's creative handling of Cody Rhodes' Royal Rumble win, The Rock, and Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, coming out in support of Rhodes. His tweet on the matter was simple and effective, echoing the WWE sentiment that is circulating and trending around social media: "We Want Cody."

Of course, Logan Paul has plenty going on in the WWE right now. He recently signed a new contract with the wrestling company, and he retained his title at the Royal Rumble after Kevin Owens was disqualified for the use of Brass Knuckles. The same SmackDown that saw Cody Rhodes give up his shot at Reigns, Logan Paul shared the ring with Kevin Owens before commentating on the latter's match with Austin Theory. He then interrupted SmackDown GM Nick Aldis, who was having a conversation with one of WWE 2K24's cover stars, Bianca Belair, complaining about being mocked as a part-timer.

Aldis will be announcing Logan Paul's next challenger soon, but it seems that the United States title isn't the only thing on the mind of Paul. It's hard to say for sure what his intent behind the tweet is exactly, but it's also hard to imagine that it's something WWE upper management signed off on. No matter what, "We Want Cody" reached the #1 trend on Twitter earlier today, and Logan Paul tweeting as much is good for visibility. Roughly thirty minutes after Paul's tweet, it has hit 25K likes and 7.4K reposts.

Logan Paul Tweets in Support of Cody Rhodes

Overall, the situation doesn't seem to have played out quite as the WWE expected. Cody Rhodes giving up his title shot against Reigns after winning two Royal Rumbles back-to-back would make anyone raise an eyebrow, and many argue that none of the presented storylines make sense. This comes at a time when The Rock is rumored to have used his standing on the TKO Board to take the main event away from Cody, not out of malice reportedly but to "save" WrestleMania. It has also been reported that The Rock was boo'd at a house show on February 3.

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