Title: Witness the Spectacular Creation of a Fully Functional Airship in Minecraft

Meta Description: Experience the awe-inspiring creation of an extraordinary Minecraft player who has developed a fully functional airship. Watch captivating footage showcasing the remarkable build in action, and get inspired to embark on your own incredible Minecraft adventures.

A Minecraft player has made a fully functional airship and shown players how their creation works. In Minecraft, players travel around the game's biomes in different ways. But when it comes to navigating the air, Minecraft players' movement is restricted to a few options.

When Minecraft players are in Creative or Spectator mode, they can fly freely by simply double-jumping. If they are in Survival mode, one of the ways for Minecraft players to fly is by using the command "mayfly." Another possible way to fly in Survival is to use the Elytra, a pair of special wings that is one of the rarest Minecraft items. Unless players use the double jump, cheat, or get the Elytra, there are no other ways to fly in Minecraft. But in a show of how creative Mojang's sandbox community is, one player has showcased a new way to explore the skies in Minecraft.

YouTuber lumiklaud built a fully functional airship and shared a video showing the vehicle in action. To make their construction possible, they used Create: Interactive, one of the mods that allows the creation of contraptions in addition to the projects already possible in Minecraft. Another tool used by the player is the Create: Steam 'n' Rails mod, which expands Interactive's railroad system. To make the magic of flight happen, the YouTuber revealed that the airship runs on invisible rails created by the Interactive mod, giving the impression that the vehicle is really flying.

Minecraft Player Creates Impressive Functional Airship

The player shows inside the airship and reveals a structure with functional parts, chests for storage, a metal press, and a smelter to make iron bars for use in Minecraft adventures. They say they find the build very user-friendly for Survival, highlighting the windmill that sends energy to the airship and its parts, making everything work. That isn't the first time lumiklaud has created a functional airship in Minecraft, with other videos of them making other airship models. For players curious to discover the structure of the latest one, they have promised to release the schematics of the airship when the video reaches 300 likes.

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