Discover the ultimate guide for Palworld adventurers in search of invaluable ore and coal. Uncover a hidden gem as our intrepid explorer unveils a conveniently accessible location teeming with these precious resources. Gain a competitive edge as you embark on your quest armed with this invaluable knowledge. Unleash the full potential of your Palworld gameplay with our expert tips and strategic insights on finding these sought-after resources. Uncover the secrets of this convenient hotspot and ensure your success in this exciting game.

One Palworld explorer has found a location in the game that is rich with valuable resources – specifically ore and coal nodes. Palworld combines the monster-catching and survival genres, which encourages base-building, and as such, resources are a valuable asset for players to gather.

Early on in the game, players will learn the basics of finding resources to craft items like a Shoddy Bed and structures, which is one part of the gameplay loop of Palworld. While some are easier to come across, like wood and stones, thanks to the Logging Site and Stone Pit, respectively, others, such as ores and coal, which are needed to craft higher-level items and structures, are much more difficult to come across, as there is no direct structure to farm these items. As such, players must venture out into the wide world of Palpagos Island in order to find a location where they can farm the resources.

One intrepid Palworld adventurer, however, has discovered several coal and ore nodes that are all located in one very convenient location. Specifically, players should head to the coordinates 190,-40, which is located close to the Sealed Realm of the Guardian fast travel point, where they will come across five coal and eight ore nodes. While the player who goes by the handle Supratones on Reddit posted several screenshots showcasing the resource-rich area, the specific coordinates were provided by another Redditor, umpufnufguf. It should be noted that this location has some high-level Pals, so players should prepare accordingly before making the long journey.

Where to Get Coal in Palworld

In Palworld, if the player wishes to transition from bows to guns, then acquiring coal is a must, as it is an ingredient needed to combine with regular Ore to get Refined Ores. Another way to get Coal in Palworld is by venturing into the numerous dungeons scattered across the map, but that can be a more time-consuming process as then, the player is stuck unless they defeat the boss or backtrack all the way to the entrance to escape with their precious loot. Ore is always needed as it can be transformed into ingots, which are used in a variety of technology recipes, such as Nails, Metal Pickaxes, and even saddles that players can use to soar through the skies on their Pals.

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