On April 29, fans of the beloved NieR franchise will experience a sense of melancholy as Square Enix’s steadfast focus on AAA game development takes a toll on their favorite series. Stay updated and learn more about the impact of Square Enix’s strategic shift on NieR, and join us as we navigate through this bittersweet journey together.

NieR Reincarnation is shutting down on April 29, Square Enix has announced. This sad day for fans of the franchise will arrive less than three years after NieR Reincarnation was released for Android and iOS devices.

Developed by Japanese studio Applibot, NieR Reincarnation marked the Drakengard spin-off series' first foray into mobile gaming. A fairly low-cost project for Square Enix to finance, the game ended up launching while the company was enjoying record-high revenues inflated by the global pandemic. With Square Enix facing declining sales over the two years that followed, the gaming giant ended up reviewing its entire operation in an effort to cut down on its annual product output and focus on fewer titles with higher revenue potential, meaning predominantly AAA projects.

NieR Reincarnation Fans Will Have 1 Month To Play Its Final Chapter

That endeavor has already resulted in the company shutting down multiple mobile titles, with NieR Reincarnation being the latest to join that list. Square Enix has recently taken to social media to thank the fans for their support of the gacha game, stating that its servers will shut down on April 29, at 10pm PT. Before that happens, Applibot will deliver one more story chapter, The People and the World Act 3: Transmigration, which is scheduled to release on March 28, at 6pm PT. Players will hence have just over a month's worth of time to experience the conclusion of NieR Reincarnation's story.

In the meantime, some additional content drops are also in the pipeline, including the overarching Story Completion Countdown event that promises to significantly boost everyone's progress with ten free daily summons and generous weekly gem gifts. Much like its name implies, the newly started event will run until the arrival of the game's final story chapter. Players will also have a chance to grab new character costumes each week for the duration of the promotion.

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