Diablo 4 recently rolled out an essential hotfix, bringing about several adjustments to enhance gameplay. One of the notable changes includes a much-needed nerf to a formidable Season 3 boss that has been giving players a tough time. This fix aims to address the challenges faced by players and create a more enjoyable gaming experience. Discover more about the latest Diablo 4 hotfix and the impact it has on the game in this updated release.

Diablo 4 has released Hotfix 2 for Patch 1.3.0, which nerfs the boss Son of Malphas. Diablo 4 Season 3 is live with new threats looming over Sanctuary, new challenges, and powerful items awaiting players. And like in previous seasons, some Diablo 4 players are having a hard time with the game's bosses.

In Season 1, the name that terrified Diablo 4 players was the Butcher. This brutal demon gained fame for being so difficult to defeat that he became responsible for countless deaths of Diablo 4 players. The arrival of Season 2 unleashed new dangers in Sanctuary, and this time players' nightmares became encounters with Ashava, Avarice, and Wandering Death. Another name to remember is Lord Zir, the villain from the second Diablo 4 season, who became one of the most difficult fights in the game. With the release of Season 3, Diablo 4 has added more bosses that threaten the safety of Sanctuary, and one of these creatures is causing extra problems for players.

Blizzard has released Hotfix 2 for Diablo 4 Patch 1.3.0, which nerfed Son of Malphas. Season 3's new boss will deal less damage, although the Hotfix notes don't state the exact numbers. Son of Malphas is a boss that players find by exploring the Arcane Tremors, which are found in places like the Diablo 4 starting area called Fractured Peaks. Upon entering his domain, Diablo 4 players quickly realized that the monster is incredibly overpowered and can easily eliminate his opponents. One Twitch clip shows streamer Ryan "Raxxanterax" being taken down by Son of Malphas with just one blow, giving an idea of how tricky the boss is.

Along with the Son of Malphas nerf, Hotfix 2 addresses the problems that had been occurring with the progression of the quest "Drums of the Vault." Due to this error, Diablo 4 players couldn't use the brazier to upgrade the construct. As a result, players were unable to get the new companion robot in Diablo 4, another addition in Season 3. In addition, the update fixed a problem with the Enhanced Lightning Storm skill passive and made stability and performance improvements.

The third Diablo 4 season kicked off on a tough note, with many players frustrated by their experience with Son of Malphas. The problems don't stop there, however, with some disappointed by changes such as the removal of the Metamorphosis skill. The release of Hotfix 2 for Patch 1.3.0 proves, however, that Blizzard is paying attention to player feedback. As the current season has only just begun, the devs will have time to continue bringing improvements to the Diablo 4 player experience.

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