Striking Distance Studios, a renowned game developer recognized for their work on Callisto Protocol, is currently engaged in the development of an undisclosed title. This upcoming game is set to leverage the powerful Unreal Engine 5, offering a seamless and immersive gaming experience. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting project from Striking Distance Studios.

Striking Distance Studios, the developer that brought the world The Callisto Protocol, appears to be working on a new Unreal Engine 5 game and is currently hiring for its team. The developer behind the horror game formed in 2019, and The Callisto Protocol was its inaugural release. Though highly anticipated, the spiritual successor to Dead Space launched to mixed reviews and a generally poor reception, leaving the future of the studio in question.

In the wake of The Callisto Protocol’s disappointing release, the founder and CEO of the company, Glen Schofield, resigned, and Striking Distance Studios announced it was laying off some employees last summer. All of this arguably left the future of the developer in question. However, it seems the studio isn’t dead yet and is working on something new.

As reported by VGC, Striking Distance Studios is currently working on a new game using Unreal Engine 5. Though no official announcement has been made, the existence of a new project has been confirmed by reviewing job listings on the company's website, which show that it's hiring for a new game. These new positions at the studio were first noted on Twitter by MauroNL who pointed out that some job descriptions specifically reference "a brand new, unannounced UE5 title."

The mediocre performance of the first game meant that The Callisto Protocol 2 was not likely to happen, so it makes sense that Striking Distance Studios is apparently moving on to a completely new and different project. Just what this game will be remains to be seen. So far, the developer isn't offering any public statements about its plans.

While their last game wasn't very popular, with many observers arguing that The Callisto Protocol doesn't compare to the Dead Space remake, Striking Distance Studios has won over some fans, and they might be glad to see the developer getting a second chance to make a successful game. Indeed, the studio appears to have been hard at work since its last release in its efforts to improve The Callisto Protocol from its initial state.

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