The Creation Engine is no stranger to having bizarre bugs, as one Skyrim player discovers an unusual interaction in the Daedric museum in Dawnstar.


Bethesda's Creation Engine is known for its quirky bugs that often add to the gameplay experience in games like Skyrim, and even the latest release, Starfield, is not immune to these glitches.

One Skyrim player has highlighted a glitch that causes a Daedric scroll in the Dawnstar museum to turn into a bucket when Destruction magic is used.

Despite the bugs, Skyrim remains Bethesda's most popular game, attracting both veteran players and new fans brought in by the recent Starfield release.

Skyrim still has a few unusual bugs that add to the experience rather than take away from it, as one player discovered using Destruction magic on a Daedric scroll in the Dawnstar museum will turn it into a bucket. With the sole exception of Fallout 76's disastrous state at launch, Bethesda has always been given the benefit of the doubt when it came to technical issues. The primary reason for this is that the Creation Engine, more often than not, has some truly bizarre yet harmless bugs that occur in normal gameplay.

Not even the latest Bethesda release is immune to Creation Engine's bugs, as a Starfield glitch can make New Atlantis disappear, and then permanently tether itself to a player's ship. While some players find these types of bugs immersion-breaking, the modding community has thankfully been successful in fixing the issues that the developers never got around to addressing. Community Patches for Fallout 4 and Skyrim are a permanent fixture on any mod list, and it looks like Starfield will follow that tradition as well.

However, the bug that MashMaTaters encountered in Dawnstar not only beggars belief, but it could be argued that the game is better off for it. It's no secret that Dawnstar in Skyrim harbors a museum dedicated to the Mythic Dawn, the cultist worshipers of Mehrunes Dagon, and one of the primary antagonists of Oblivion. In addition to being the starting point in the quest to obtain Mehrunes' Razor, the Dawnstar Museum hosts a few miscellaneous Daedric artifacts in display boxes, one among them being a tattered page of the Mysterium Xarxes. Not only did MashMaTaters lockpick the display into opening, but they proceeded to cast Flames on the ancient scroll.

As seen in the video posted on the Skyrim subreddit, the outcome wasn't what one might have expected. Instead of turning into an explosion (and thus knocking the Dragonborn back), the scroll transformed into a bucket instead. The reason behind this is due to the code calling for the wrong reference ID, though given the nature of Daedric Princes (especially Sheogorath's fondness for pranks), one might even say that a bucket is just as immersive as an explosion in this case.

While Skyrim is over 12 years old, the game still endures as Bethesda's most popular game. Not only are veteran players often happy to start another playthrough, but Starfield has no doubt brought new fans to the franchise that defined the Bethesda sandbox. Though it remains to be seen how Bethesda will develop The Elder Scrolls 6 in the wake of Starfield's lessons, quirky bugs will almost certainly be a part of its DNA.

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