A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player shares a video of a strategy they went with to take down Blaziken the Unrivaled with a Magikarp as the focus.


A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player shared a strategy to defeat Blaziken in one hit with a Magikarp, utilizing careful preparation and teamwork.

Blaziken is a formidable opponent in the game, known for its speed and powerful attacks, but it has low defenses that can be exploited.

The strategy involved using moves like Charm, Decorate, Fling, and Trick Room to weaken Blaziken and boost Magikarp's attack, resulting in a decisive victory.

A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player took to social media to share a coordinated strategy that gave trainers the means to take down Blaziken the Unrivaled in one hit with a Magikarp. Though this version of Blaziken is a formidable foe in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the trainer's intricate strategy did not go unnoticed, as others took note of what to do.

Known as the Blazing Pokemon, Blaziken is the first Seven-Star Tera raid featured in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in 2024. As the fully-evolved form of Torchic, Blaziken the Unrivaled is a fast attacker with a hidden ability, Speed Boost, that makes it even faster as the battle goes on. The moves that Blaziken the Unrivaled can use are Blaze Kick, Brave Bird, Low Kick, Earthquake, Overheat, Rock Slide, and the status moves Bulk Up and Swords Dance to boost its attack power. Even though it has the Flying type as its Tera type to throw off some trainers, Blaziken the Unrivaled also has its share of drawbacks. Its defenses are significantly lower than its attack power, which makes the Blazing Pokemon a glass cannon.

As a result of Blaziken's low defenses, some Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players have used that to their advantage. On Reddit, a user named Nommable123 posted a 29-second video on the r/PokemonScarletViolet subreddit of the strategy they used to beat Blaziken in a single strike. However, the strategy took a few turns to pull off. Just as Nommable123 did to take down Rillaboom the Unrivaled, the strategy revolved around Magikarp using Flail to take down Blaziken in one shot after some turns to prepare the Fish Pokemon for the attack. The OP's teammates were an Alcremie that used the moves Charm and Decorate, a Reuniclus with the moves Charm, Fling, Helping Hand, and Trick Room to negate Blaziken's Speed Boost, and a Gliscor that used Screech and False Swipe.

Blaziken 7-Star Tera Raid Dates

January 11 – January 14

January 18 – January 21

Knowing the importance of items in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the OP had the Alcremie hold a Bright Powder to decrease Blaziken's accuracy. The Magikarp held a Choice Band to boost the damage to its Flail attack, and Reuniclus and Gliscor respectively held a Lansat Berry and a Zoom Lens. After two turns of Charm and Screech to weaken Blaziken's stats, and careful use of Helping Hand and Decorate to buff Magikarp, the third turn saw the Fish Pokemon deliver the finishing blow.

Between the Blaziken raids and the epilogue to The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC, the month of January has been a busy time for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players. Only time will tell what strategies trainers will form in future Tera raids.

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are the upcoming main series Pokemon games. These two versions will be the arrival of Generation IX.

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