A new rumor suggests that an upcoming console exclusive game from Xbox Game Studios and a partnered developer will have 8-player co-op.


Contraband, the upcoming Xbox exclusive game, may support 8-player co-op on Xbox Series X|S and PC, according to a reputable podcast.

The game is being developed by Avalanche Studios and takes players to a "smuggler's paradise" in the 1970s, reportedly featuring vehicular combat, heists, and smuggling runs.

The 8-player co-op feature is still in early development, and fans will need to wait for major updates from Xbox on Contraband's release date and gameplay details.

The upcoming Xbox console exclusive game Contraband could have support for 8-player co-op on Xbox Series X|S and PC, according to a new rumor from a reputable podcast. Contraband is currently being developed by Avalanche Studios as a new co-op game that takes players to a "smuggler's paradise" in the 1970s.

In June 2021, Xbox Game Studios announced its partnership with Avalanche Studios to develop Contraband as an Xbox exclusive and Xbox Game Pass day one title. The Contraband reveal trailer teased the game's vehicle-focused, open-world approach through various photographs, without delving into specific details about gameplay and the story. In recent years, reports from industry insiders revealed that Contraband will feature heists and smuggling runs with vehicular combat. A new rumor from the Xbox Infinite podcast appears to corroborate these reports as well, with new features and content still being developed at Avalanche Studios.

According to a recent episode of the Xbox Infinite podcast, co-host Middleagegameguy (MAGG) shared insight in what he reportedly saw from Contraband, claiming that the game will have 8-player co-op. Firstly, MAGG explains that the game is reminiscent of the Dukes of Hazzard TV show and Ubisoft's Driver series, since one of Contraband's prominent features involves vehicular combat. Contraband will feature other gameplay sequences and content outside of driving, but MAGG didn't elaborate on what these elements and the co-op functionality would entail. The 8-player co-op feature is progressing from alpha to beta, so development is still early in this regard. For example, MAGG explains that in-game models for drivers were not complete in the development footage he saw.

The co-host notes that he doesn't know a release date or release window for Contraband, so fans will need to wait for a major update from Xbox at one of its upcoming showcases. Moreover, an anonymous developer who's friends with MAGG encourages him to hype up the game while Xbox fans await more new information. MAGG claims that Xbox is planning various announcements and updates regarding Contraband for the near future. An update on Contraband's development seems highly unlikely for the January 18 Xbox Developer Direct, however.

Although there's still a lack of concrete details on Contraband, the latest episode of the Xbox Infinite podcast gives fans a clearer picture of what to expect in the new game. It's worth noting that development of the 8-player co-op feature is in an early phase, so plans for this functionally could change drastically before players are able to start Contraband on their Xbox console or PC. Nonetheless, Xbox Game Studios and Avalanche Studios' intriguing new game has a lot of potential, and Contraband could take inspiration from successful co-op games during the development cycle.

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