A Pokemon fan combines the Bug/Fighting-type Heracross with the Electric-type Ampharos, creating a new design inspired by these Gen 2 creatures.


A skilled Pokemon fan has created high-quality fusion artwork combining Heracross and Ampharos, two beloved creatures from the second generation.

The second generation of Pokemon introduced new game mechanics and memorable creatures, making it one of the best iterations of the franchise.

The Pokemon fan, rc1246, is known for creating unique fusion designs, such as a terrifying fusion of Ditto and Quagsire, and a curious fusion of Golem and Porygon Z.

A Pokemon fan has unveiled artwork depicting a possible fusion of Heracross and Ampharos, two popular creatures from the second generation. The Pokemon community makes a wide variety of fan art, ranging from new designs of classic Pokemon to Paradox forms, regional variants, and fusions. However, this new fusion artwork stands out due to its high quality and creativity.

The second generation of Pokemon is arguably one of the best iterations of the franchise. Gen 2 marked the first time that game mechanics like day and night cycles appeared, as well as the introduction of new types such as Steel and Dark. Apart from that, the generation also saw the creation of several memorable creatures. Among them is the cute Heracross, which became prominent as the Bug/Fighting-type beetle that was captured by Ash in the anime, and Ampharos, which evolves from the adorable Mareep and Flaaffy.

Now, a Pokemon fan called rc1246 shared their latest creation, a fusion between Ampharos and Heracross. The unnamed Pokemon has an interesting design, which takes Ampharos’ body and overall shape but mixes it with many details from Heracross, such as its blue color, carapace, antlers, and eyes. The creature also keeps the red electric spheres of Ampharos and the black stripes on its body. The result is a cute electric bug.

This is not the first time that rc1246 created interesting Pokemon fan art. Some months ago, the Pokemon fan designed a fusion of Ditto and Quagsire, for example. Unlike the cute Heracross-Ampharos fusion, the Ditto-Quagsire one was pretty terrifying. It looked like a Quagsire covered in pink goo, resembling a version of Ditto that tried to transform into a Quagsire and started melting during the process.

That’s not even rc1246’s most creative design, though. Another recent artwork made by the prolific artist is a fusion of Golem and Porygon Z. These are two vastly different creatures, and the result is curious, as it takes Golem’s body and turns it into a blue sphere with floating pink arms and a weird head that mixes characteristics of both creatures.

The Pokemon community is filled with talented people, and fusing Pokemon is perhaps one of the most old-school ways to invent new monsters, as fans have been doing it since the 90s. It will be interesting to see what new kinds of fusions the Pokemon community comes up with when the next generation of games arrives.

Pokemon is a franchise that needs no introduction. One of the most successful media empires in history, Pokemon spans games, television, films, manga, merchandise, music, and more. 

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