New information finally reveals the full story behind the mythical Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s epilogue event.


A new official Pokemon Scarlet and Violet video delves into the backstory of the new mythical Pokemon, Pecharunt, introduced in the Mochi Madness event.

Pecharunt's appearance, hidden within its shell, resembles a Glimmora's inner body, leading to speculation about its origins in Area Zero.

The new information reveals that Pecharunt's story involves it being found and adopted by a human couple, contradicting fan theories about its evil nature.

Though Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's epilogue event didn't reveal much in terms of lore, a video separate from the games themselves explores the full story behind the new mythical Pokemon introduced in the Mochi Madness event. Fans of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will need to own the Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC if they want to obtain the mythical Pecharunt for themselves, though the event to encounter it requires players to redeem the Mythical Pecha Berry mystery gift first.

Pecharunt has been the subject of many fan theories ever since its existence was first discovered via a combination of event leaks and unused game files. Little was originally known about it aside for it being closely associated with the Loyal Three, and fans were only able to learn a limited deal about it throughout the epilogue event itself. A Ghost and Poison-type Pokemon, Pecharunt's appearance while hidden within its shell bears a striking resemblance to a Glimmora's inner body, leading many to speculate that Scarlet and Violet's mythical Pokemon similarly has its origins within Area Zero itself. Some even linked Glimmora and Pecharunt to the mysterious crystal tree discovered within the Area Zero Underdepths, a structure that seemed oddly underutilized in the DLC.

Like many other aspects of Scarlet and Violet's lore, Pecharunt's story is strange and largely shrouded in mystery. Some light has finally been shone on its history, however, as a new video posted on the official Pokemon YouTube channel reveals some clues as to where the Pokemon came from and what its motivations are. The video tells the previously untold story of how Pecharunt was found and adopted by a human couple, whom Pecharunt would constantly try to please by fulfilling their wishes. As the couple began to desire more and more under the influence of Pecharunt's toxic mochi, it was eventually tasked with traveling to Kitakami in order to obtain the fabled masks used by Ogerpon.

The full version of the story goes into the events of Kitakami's more broadly-known tales, but this new information does raise further questions. While it doesn't discount the theories of Pecharunt originating from Area Zero, it does suggest that it has remained in the eastern parts of the Pokemon world for potentially hundreds of years. It also confirms that it came to Kitakami from an unspecified faraway land, though various details point to this location being within the Japan-inspired part of the Pokemon world.

Still, the main takeaway from this new information would be that Pecharunt apparently isn't evil, at least not in the way many fans had assumed. Players have criticized that this additional narrative was told through an external source rather than being in the game itself, though it's hard to determine whether this choice was made due to difficulties during development of the latest Pokemon titles, or for some other reason entirely.

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are the upcoming main series Pokemon games. These two versions will be the arrival of Generation IX.

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