Naughty Dog shares a preview of the No Return mode’s Molotov Rain, showing that Clickers aren’t the only thing players should worry about.


The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered introduces the intense No Return mode with features like Molotov Rain, adding a new level of difficulty and excitement for players.

The enhanced version of the game on PS5 includes special features like lost levels, new modes, and director's commentary, making it an exciting re-release for die-hard fans.

With intense combat scenarios and obstacles like Molotov cocktails raining down from the sky, players will need to navigate and strategize to survive in the No Return mode.

The launch of The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered is now only a few days away, and Naughty Dog has shared a preview of just how hectic the game's No Return roguelike mode can get with mods like Molotov Rain. The Last of Us 2's No Return mode promises a grueling combat experience, and the addition of something as wild as Molotov Rain is a taste of what players can expect.

Although The Last of Us 2 has only been around since 2020, Naughty Dog has optimized the game with the hopes of being even better on the PS5. Not only will players get to experience an enhanced version of an already visually impressive game, but the addition of lost levels, new modes, and director's commentary are special features in The Last of Us 2 Remastered that have excited many die-hard fans. With these additional features, players will be able to experience The Last of Us 2 in a whole new light, and Naughty Dog has been teasing some intense combat scenarios.

The official Naughty Dog Twitter account has shared a preview of what fans of The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered can expect when playing the game's No Return mode. One of the features that can be looked forward to is the horrifying Molotov Rain that players must avoid being pelted with.

The quick clip shared by Naughty Dog is just a short glimpse of what the Molotov Rain will be like, but it's bound to get the hearts of many players racing when trying out the No Return mode. The prospect of having to face Clickers or various factions in a roguelike scenario is intense enough, but the inclusion of obstacles like Molotov Rain truly turns the difficulty up in an unexpected way. The Last of Us 2 has been praised by many for its combat mechanics, and it will be interesting to see how players navigate fighting enemies while also trying to avoid Molotov cocktails raining down from above.

Although a remaster this early in a game's lifespan has been divisive for some fans, The Last of Us 2 Remastered is an interesting way to add new content to a game that's only been out for a little over three years. Since players who already own the original The Last of Us 2 can upgrade to the remastered version for only ten dollars, this updated iteration of the game might be worth checking out just to see what other crazy obstacles will be in the No Return mode.

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