Introducing a game-changing Palworld mod designed to enhance your gameplay experience! Our talented player has developed a highly efficient modification that simplifies the process of capturing Pals, offering you unparalleled ease and control. With the help of this innovative mod, you can now effortlessly obtain the exact Pals you desire, unlocking a whole new level of enjoyment in your Palworld journey. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to enhance your gameplay and achieve your ultimate Pal-collecting goals. Grab the mod now and start dominating the Palworld universe!

A Palworld player has created a mod that makes it easier to catch the right Pals by displaying a range of information. Palworld features a mix of game elements, including capturing and assembling a team of Pals. With these Pokemon-like monsters, players explore Palapagos Islands and carry out various activities.

Palworld has over 100 Pals divided into nine elements, and players can get them by buying, breeding, or the classic capture method. Players can have up to five Pals in their party and use them in battles. Pals can also explore dungeons, farm, build, generate fire and energy, and work in factories. If players plan to assemble a team of strong Pals, it won't be an easy task. Finding the right Pal takes time and patience, but a Palworld player has developed a new mod to help with that.

Palworld Mod Helps Pal Hunting by Displaying Useful Information

A Palworld mod created by user Inhumanity makes it easier to catch the right Pals by showing information on the player's screen. Named Pal Info, the mod is available to download from Nexus Mods. Once installed, it shows the type, gender, stats, passive skills, and catch count of Pals. This way, players can check a Pal's status before catching it. The mod also helps save Pal Spheres, Palworld's version of Poke Balls, since players will avoid making random throws.

Pal Info is a great help when hunting for Pals, and Inhumanity plans to expand the mod with improvements. According to the modder, plans for future updates include introducing an indicator based on whether there is a chance of a brilliant, lucky, or rare Pal, or a boss. They intend to add a Pal count in the player's Palbox, and prevent the mod from triggering information from the player. Another important improvement will be an interface update to show information based on allies, enemies, NPCs, and allied and wild monsters. After all, as well as catching monsters from the Pocket Pair game, players can catch Palworld's NPCs and use them to do everything the Pals do.

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