In the world of Palworld, players have the ultimate strategy of selectively breeding their Anubis creatures to possess the optimal passive skills, enabling them to achieve unmatched speed in the crafting of various items. With this selective breeding approach, Palworld enthusiasts can craft items at an astonishing pace, effortlessly surpassing all others in their quest for efficiency and productivity. Join the Palworld community today and discover the untapped potential of genetic manipulation in pursuit of lightning-fast item creation!

A Palworld player has created an Anubis that can craft items with impressive speed. Since its wildly successful early access release, Palworld players have been obsessed with collecting and breeding the game’s adorable Pals. Some fans have even been selectively breeding to create overpowered Pals to add to their base and team.

In Palworld, Pals can be put to work on a player’s base and assigned various tasks based on their species’ skills. Pals can also be ridden and used to assist players in combat. Since Pals can be responsible for certain tasks necessary for progression or quality of life, many players have been working to breed Pals with ideal passive skills, work suitability, and partner skills to maximize their ability to complete their tasks quickly and effectively. With a plethora of different skills to choose from, players have been able to breed an overpowered Pengullet, incredibly fast mounts, and much more.

In this case, Palworld player HollowLoch bred their Anubis into an impressively fast crafter. On its own, Anubis has level 4 handiwork, making it the most effective crafting Pal in the game. HollowLoch took Anubis’ crafting a step further by breeding their Pal to have four passive skills that increase its work speed by 115%. By using the Pal Distillation Pod, they also fully leveled up Anubis’ partner skill, making this Pal “perfect” according to HollowLoch.

How To Breed A Perfect Anubis

Anubis can be difficult to acquire early in the game, but luckily, players can learn how to breed Anubis from other Pals to get it faster. To breed it to perfection, HollowLoch utilized passive skills that increase work speed, specifically Artisan, Work Slave, Serious, and Lucky. They pursued parent Pals with the necessary skills, then continued to hatch eggs until the optimal Anubis was hatched. This process is much easier said than done, as breeding and genetics in Palworld are mostly a numbers game, requiring multiple attempts to pass on the proper parent traits.

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